February 26, 2024

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Crime in Exarchia: Musician's killer mentally ill – How he walked free – Newsbomb – News

Crime in Exarchia: Musician's killer mentally ill – How he walked free – Newsbomb – News

The killer of the musician in Exarchia has been of concern to authorities in the past while hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital.

The case of a musician in Exarchia, found dead of a blow to the head in his apartment, is shaping up to be a thriller.

In the afternoon, his 48-year-old friend was arrested, who was with him when he was found dead, and according to the exclusive information of the star, he was previously concerned with the authorities about domestic violence against his father, theft and robberies. , he was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital clinic.

His neighbor complains on camera “He was a musician, an intellectual, on a bicycle, silent, get out of here, get out of there.”

He arrived in Athens in a stolen car

When the police entered his home, they found him beaten in the head with a hammer, having received a friend from Tyrnavos at his apartment a few hours earlier. His friend, who was with him in the apartment, was brought by the security officers, according to the information received when he was brought. Under the influence of alcohol.

According to the report, the arrested 48-year-old man arrived in Athens from Tyrnavos a few hours before the crime. with a stolen vehicleOfficers handcuffed the unfortunate musician, writer and actor this afternoon for his murder.

A business owner, a victim of the crime, told the Star “He was with an Albanian who attacked the man, took his car and disappeared.”

“He beat me for an hour”

But these revelations did not stop here, on January 20, 3 weeks before the crime in Exarchia, the 48-year-old father complained about him. Domestic violence. In fact, he was arrested, sentenced to 2 years in prison with a suspended sentence and was roaming free.

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“It was 5 am and he beat me for an hour. My face was black for 10 days. He is aggressive towards me every day. Do you think I locked the door? But which door did he understand? He broke doors, broke tables, broke phones.” The 48-year-old father says, referring to the case: “He argued with the victim and she told me that.”

On May 20, 2021, the 48-year-old beat a citizen in Tyrnaos, and on January 13, 2024, threatened customers and a business owner in the same area. The businessman calls him the “terror of Tirnavos” speaking to the Star.

«He took the fake from the shop and threatened to kill usI think I went and filed a case, the police came straight away, arrested him straight away and took him to a psychiatric hospital, two days later the prosecutor released him”.

“Cry In Jail”

According to Star's exclusive information, the person accused of murdering the musician was admitted to a psychiatric hospital twice, while he was being treated, however, Don't know if you get it normally. He stole, beat, committed crime and went in and out of police stations. Still, the 48-year-old roamed freely, undisturbed, and finally we came to the crime in Exarchia.

«The man was mad. The man was mad but he was free. He was free because he was released. So is evil to be done? I told them, guys, don't let the worst happen, then go and catch him. Now that's a free gift, man gone. What does this man owe? He should be tried and languish in prison», says his father.

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NOTICE OF EL.AS. For the arrest of a 48-year-old man

A 48-year-old citizen was arrested in the early hours of 8-2-2024 in Athens by police officers of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate in connection with a traffic jam. Homicide and Violation of Arms Act.

Specifically, following an incident between the accused and a 55-year-old citizen at a house in Exarchia area, a 48-year-old man attacked a 55-year-old man with a sharp object. His fatal injury.

Police officers inside the house were called and arrested a 48-year-old man who was taken to the headquarters of the Athens Security Sub-Directorate, where he was identified as the perpetrator of the aforementioned murder.

Also, the 48-year-old has been charged Robbery Confirmed on 7-2-2024 Tyrnao There he used physical violence from a 44-year-old foreigner Vehicle His property.

A person arrested with a case against him will be taken to a competent lawyer.

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