July 14, 2024

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Criminal case against 40-year-old man for death of pit bull

Criminal case against 40-year-old man for death of pit bull

The prosecutor filed a criminal case against the 40-year-old accused killing a companion animal, In Epanomi area, Thessaloniki.

The man, who owns two dogs, was arrested by his police officers on Wednesday morning AT Termikov His violation of animal welfare rules resulted in the death of one of them, said to be a pit bull.

According to information, the accused lost his dog and managed to find it after a few days. He found that he had starved to death.

After he was criminally charged For the killing and abuse of a companion animalThe 40-year-old was referred to the 6th regular investigator for an apology from where he got the deadline he sought.


It is to be noted that administrative fine was also imposed on the accused 31,300 Euros.

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