December 6, 2023

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Cristiano Ronaldo fed up Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo fed up Georgina

the Cristiano Ronaldo and the Georgina Rodriguez They are one of the most talked about couples in the world, with their social media accounts showcasing their lavish lifestyles and publicly declaring their love for each other. However, recent Portuguese TV reports indicate that their relationship may be in serious trouble. According to the program “Noite das Estrelas”, the footballer is said to be tired of his partner’s attitude, which is described as “Forcible is trivial and far from reality”. The show also featured psychologist Quintino Ayres, who analyzed the couple’s behavior in recent public events and concluded that Ronaldo’s personal life is not in a moment of happiness.

The rumors sparked controversy among fans of the couple and journalists, with some speculating that Georgina’s spending habits and her belief that she was equal to Ronaldo would cause tension in their relationship. Others have speculated that Ronaldo’s separation from his family, especially his mother, may be contributing to his unhappiness.

Despite the rumors, there are those who are defending the couple, claiming that they are doing well. Cristiano’s girlfriend, Felipe Castro, stated this “As always, they do a very good job” and that the reports are just “stories, gossip, made up of people who can’t stand GEO”.

Georgina Rodriguez often “hears them” about her luxurious lifestyle

The soccer star’s partner often causes reactions to her statements and posts on social media. The influencer recently shared a series of photos from summer 2020, including one of her and Ronaldo posing in front of their yacht.

The photo, which shows the couple in front of the Azimut Grande 27 Metri yacht they bought three years ago for more than six million euros, was accompanied by a caption that read: “I remember that summer afternoon when we went to buy our boat.”

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While the post amassed in a few hours more than five and a half million likes, it also received criticism from many followers who once again accused Rodriguez of flaunting her luxurious lifestyle, while she said in a recent interview that she did not like material goods.

Despite the negative comments, many of Rodriguez’s fans defended her, describing those who left negative comments as “jealous”. This backlash is nothing new for Rodriguez as she has been criticized several times in the past for her lavish lifestyle and the gifts she receives from Ronaldo.

Reactions after meeting her – “She lives in another world”

A few weeks ago, Rodriguez was once again at the center of criticism in the Spanish media. Georgina was promoting the second season of her documentary Netflix“I’m Georgina” during her tour in Spain, but her appearance on “El Hormiguero” caused a backlash.

during the show, Rodriguez She discussed her family’s recent move to Saudi Arabia after his transfer Ronaldo victory in January. However, some Spanish media attacked her for her apparent lack of understanding of life in the country and for promoting a reality show that did not accurately reflect her life.

Georgina Rodriguez confesses how she fell in love with Cristiano Ronaldo - El Hormiguero

The footballer’s partner stated that she felt fully supported by her family during the filming of the documentary. She also spoke about her children with some controversial remarks which were discussed a lot on social media as well. “I love my kids, but no one else’s kidsShe joked before admitting that she’s proud her children don’t use violence. As one of their children said, he was beaten at school the next day but did not respond to the blows. “I am proud that our children do not use violence. He said.

The most controversial statement she made was again about the education of her children, when she said that she is trying to show her children that there is poverty around them, indicating that she and Ronaldo come from poor families. “I tell them they shouldn’t leave their food, and if they don’t eat it it’s for an afternoon snack. From time to time I show them videos of children without food and tell them this can happen to them.” stated.

Another point in the interview caused an impression in which he stated that they live “simply” with the Portuguese football star and are “not materialistic”, although he had already given him three cars as a birthday present.


Harsh criticism was drawn from Spanish journalist Emma Garcia, who said after the interview: “He lives in another world and lacks a lot of information about life in general.”

But there have been reactions on social media, too. One girl on Twitter wrote that Georgina Rodriguez’s only work She’s basically doing photo shoots, looking for the best dress for her parties, and traveling by plane.” Another user of the platform commented: «Georgina Rodriguez is the average person for whom money can buy anything but humble opinions.”

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