December 4, 2022

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Cryptocurrency: “King” Bankman-Fried… Naked

Until a few days ago, his property Sam Bankman Fried (also known as “SBF”) by Bloomberg for $16 billion. Today, however, as strange as it may sound, it does not exceed … one dollar.

It was the biggest crash a billionaire had seen in a single day, according to Bloomberg. It’s entirely due to the imminent The collapse of the third largest stock exchange Cryptocurrency Worldwide, from FTXSBF is the co-founder and president of SBF. Finally, on Friday, SBF’s FTX was introduced Application for inclusion in the bankruptcy law from the United States (Chapter 11).

What happened over the course of the week in the cryptocurrency market means that the file The value of FTX is now zero (literally), as analysts have already downgraded their closing.

And this despite the fact that last January the US company capitalized More than 8 billion dollars. It is no coincidence that within days, funds from FTX were drained as clients scrambled to withdraw their funds and investors withdrew their confidence in one of the fastest crashes in recent years.

In addition to FTX, SBF also owns a $500 million stake in Robinhood Markets. But Bloomberg believes that these shares will be used as collateral to obtain financing in order to bail out FTX. Therefore, they cannot be included in the possessions of Americans. So, based on updated Bloomberg estimates, the fortune of the young entrepreneur (born in 1992) Close to zero, although at the beginning of the week it reached 16 billion dollars. In fact, it once touched $26 billion, which “translates” into one of the biggest and fastest financial losses in the past several years.

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Naturally, at a similar high speed, SBF was able to “build” this huge fortune, very quickly taking advantage of the “boom” of the cryptocurrency market to become one of the most important people in the industry.

It is worth noting that the “drama” of Pinkman Fried I started a few days agoon Sunday, after Binance – the No. 1 exchange worldwide and an FTX investor – moved to liquidate all assets it held on the US exchange.

This, understandably, led to a barrage of capital outflows, which in turn created a vicious cycle of backlash and amplification of the problem. As a result, the solvency deficit has forced everyone to withdraw their money for fear of a disorderly meltdown.