February 26, 2024

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Crystal Palace – Chelsea 1-3: Gallagher in the nineties gave a kiss… Overthrow!

Crystal Palace – Chelsea 1-3: Gallagher in the nineties gave a kiss… Overthrow!

Gallagher's signature double flip! The Englishman overturned his deficit against Crystal Palace by scoring two goals and one in the second half, giving Chelsea a valuable victory (1-3).

It may not be the first “violin” in his “orchestra.” Mauricio Pochettino, but considering that this is a Swiss Army Knife designed for many uses. The reason for this Connor Gallagher, who may not have the name but constantly proves that he has grace! The Englishman inspired the turnaround by scoring two goals and the winning goal in the 90th minute Chelsea She struggled but walked away with the three points from home Crystal Palace (1-3) To return to strikes.

But until the final redemptive minutes, the Blues struggled for another game. Because they couldn't control her desires Crystal PalaceAnd finally S Lerma He punished them in the 30th minute when he opened the scoring with an improbable thunderbolt through the window. In the delays of the first part s Gallagher He fired a warning shot after a missed effort and finally came back stronger after the break.

In the 47th minute specifically, after a turnover inside the penalty area, the Englishman scored 1-1 in London from one piece in the sky of the host team. The match was going in precise balance Crystal Palace He could have regained the lead in the 77th minute, but S Petrovich He reacted well to block his long shot Matthews. Since the 2-1 score never happened,… Chelsea I've reached a turning point.

After the beautiful development o Palmer served to Gallagher Who shot a dry shot from the height of the penalty area took a corner kick to make it 1-2 in the 90th minute. The icing on the cake was added by Enzo Fernandez At 90+4 with an excellent finish from a difficult angle, securing the three points that sent the Blues to tenth place Premier League.

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Chelsea (Mauricio Pochettino): Petrovic, Malu Giusto (84' Gilchrist), Disasi, Thiago Silva (61' Colwell), Chilwell, Caicedo, Enzo Fernandes, Madueke (46' Enkonkwo), Jackson (79' Sterling), Gallagher, Palmer.