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Cuba Gallery

Cuba Gallery

Monday, March 14, 2022


– Diaz-Connell praised the Cuban press for its commitment to justice

– President Diaz-Colonel congratulates the start of a new school year in Cuba

– In the face of the Cuban press manipulation, for example, exemplifies the foreign minister

– Russian Post suspends international exports to Cuba

– Cultural workers appreciate the work of the press in Cuba

– Cuba recognizes French scientist for supporting the development of vaccines

– 620 new Govt-19 cases reported in Cuba

– More than six million Cubans with Govt-19 anti-booster doses

– Sports University closes teams against Cuban baseball boycott

– Cuba’s National Symphony hosts a concert with young pianists

Thias-Connell praised the Cuban press for its commitment to justice

Havana.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Connell praised the newspaper for promising truth, justice, revolution and the people about celebrating Press Day on the island today. Through his Twitter account, the president highlighted the 130th anniversary of the founding of the Patriot newspaper’s National Hero.

President Diaz-Colonel congratulates the start of a new school year in Cuba

Havana.- Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel today celebrated the start of the new 2021-2022 academic year on the island, sending more than a million students back to classes. “The streets leading to school today are full of children. A new school year begins, with which the educational process continues, interrupted by epidemics. Thanks to the Cuban vaccine, classrooms are still open. A hug to all the pioneers! ” He wrote on his Twitter account.

Cuban press shows truth in the face of manipulation, exemplifies foreign minister

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Havana.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez described today as defending the country’s bold, convincing and truthful face in the face of the press, lies and intrigue. The Minister, on his Twitter account, congratulated the workers on the occasion of Press Day on the island.

Russia Post suspends international exports to Cuba

MOSCOW.- The Russian Post has stopped accepting international goods to Cuba because it is impossible to produce them, the TASS news agency reported today. At the end of February, Russia closed its airspace to 36 countries, using it for its flights within the European Union and for other flights, such as the United States and Canada, which limited travel.

Cultural workers appreciate the work of the press in Cuba

Havana.- During the celebration of Press Day, the National Union of Cultural Workers in Cuba today highlighted the work of the professional union in upholding objectivity and impartiality. The Patria newspaper, created by the Cuban national hero Jose Marti in New York on March 14, 1892, proposed an inseparable commitment to the truth and press ethics of the Cuban press; Two examples from the writing press, radio and television reveal the statement made today by Secretary-General Katia Rodríguez.

Cuba recognizes French scientist who helped develop vaccines

Paris.- Led by Ambassador Otto Wyland, for his contribution to the development of Cuban sovereign vaccines against Covit-19, French scientist Franுவாois Caita Backwet today paid tribute to Carlos J. Finley received the order. Thanks to the expert gesture of the Center for Molecular Biological Physics in Orleans, Vicente Vெrez, Director General of the Finlay Institute of Vaccines in Cuba, presided over the event at a ceremony in that city in mid-northwestern France; And Director of Investigations of the Company, Dr. Garcia.

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620 new Covid-19 cases have been reported in Cuba

Havana.- Cuba today reported 620 new positive cases of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COV-19, and has infected 77,405 million people in the Caribbean since 2020. At a televised press conference, the National Director of Epidemiology, Francisco Duron, explained that the figures confirmed last week had risen slightly to 3,829 as of Saturday, March 12th.

More than six million Cubans with anti-Covit-19 booster doses

Havana.- A total of 6,101,803 people in Cuba already have a fourth anti-Govt-19 booster, which represents 55.1 percent (approximately 11,300,000) of the country’s population. In that number, the Caribbean nation leads the world in the number of booster doses administered per population, according to data from the Oxford University statistics site Our World In Data up to March 13.

Sports University closes teams against Cuban baseball boycott

Havana.- The Cuban Sports University has condemned the numerous attempts to pollute the island’s athletic environment, with the immediate formation of a team in the United States today outlawing baseball in the Caribbean. On its official page on Facebook, Manuel “BT” Fazardo criticized the idea of ​​establishing a high school professional athletes’ association, saying that one of its organizational objectives was to participate in the V World Classic of Discipline with a group of players. Out of the country.

The National Symphony of Cuba presents a concert with young pianists

Havana.- The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba (OSN) today announced that it will be hosting a concert in the capital next Sunday, with young pianists who have won prizes in art education in the country attending as guests. According to the organizers, the show will feature three well-known piano concerts by composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz List and Sergei Rashmaninov, with solo performances by Lisa Maria Blanco, Michael Perez and Aaron Perez.

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