July 14, 2024

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Cuomo will not be prosecuted in the cropping case, Albany DA says

Cuomo will not be prosecuted in the cropping case, Albany DA says

Nassau County’s Acting District Attorney, Mr. Guomo described the accusations of a state force that he ran his hand across his stomach, “causing credible, profound harassment, but no offense under New York law”.

Prosecutors in Albany would have to lift the relatively high ban if the criminal case had been pursued, Mr. Not only did Cuomo touch Ms. Comizo, but he also had to prove that he did so with the intention of satisfying his own gender. Desire, or to humiliate her.

Since such cases have undeniable physical evidence, most of the burden would have fallen on Ms. Comiso’s testimony. Mr. Of the approximately 1,400 cases, such as those of Cuomo, state criminal statistics show that four out of ten cases brought up in a typical year across the state have been dismissed or dropped.

Mr. The case against Cuomo has been embroiled in controversy since its inception.

Shortly after Attorney General Letidia James released his statement on August 3, Albany County Sheriff Craig D. It started when Ms. Camiso complained to Apple, Mr. Guomo concluded that he had sexually abused several women. Commisso.

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Sheriff Apple’s office investigated Ms. Camiso’s account and, almost three months later, on October 28, Mr. Albany filed a lawsuit in city court. Recorded criminal charges against Cuomo, describing the case against him as “very convincing”.

However, he did not consult Ms. Comizo or Mr. who was prosecuting the case. Did without coordination with Soros’ office.

Sheriff Apple decision It was as unusual as it was unexpected, Especially in a high-profile case involving a former governor, which was captured by some as headlines or from security. It was seen as a ploy to pressure Soros to pursue.