June 25, 2024

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Dalaka to James: The army is sacred in our country, but how does he know that?

Dalaka to James: The army is sacred in our country, but how does he know that?
In the episode of Survivor that aired on Thursday night, April 11, Katerina Dallacca wanted to give her own answer to James Kaftzis and the arrows she received from him at the last council of the island regarding “the army.”

“James said I should always be in the army because I'm so strict, I replied that I'm very strict firstly with myself. Secondly, we didn't just leave our families to do the math here. Because it's through combat, that's where we have to be serious, eat, stay in the game, communicate With our families, so at that time there must be seriousness and strictness. Everyone must be responsible for themselves and for what they came here to do. Also, where did James get the conclusion about the army? Since he himself did not join the army. When “Not being in the army, it is better not to make comments. Because I did not go there myself, I cannot say anything about the army. Something very sacred to our country and our homeland.” Caterina Dallacca said, Thursday evening, in the new episode of Survivor on SKAI.

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For his part, James Kaftzis did just that

A brief description of the feud existing between the same Caterina Dalacca and Alexis Papa.

So, before he was at the Caribbean Games, the blue player started “shooting” his opponent again.

“After yesterday's council, what I understood is that the problem with Alexis and Lieutenant Natasha, that is, Katerina, is not that I am spending time with Julekas, but that we have taken it to the edge. Because yes, we are not little soldiers because we are completely committed to what we are going to say, what is going to happen and how we are going to proceed, But we are having a good time. As well as possible in these circumstances. The truth is that George has helped me a lot because I have been here for two months and this stage is lighter than it was when I came back. It is easier for me this year because I really laugh and I have found someone with whom we share a sense of humor. I think that “This is what bothers both Alexis Papa and Caterina Dalacca.” said the Blues player.

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