April 19, 2024

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Danai Baba: Farewell to her grandmother who passed away

Danai Baba: Farewell to her grandmother who passed away

the Danay Baba She made a post on social media to bid farewell to her grandmother, who passed away.

The artist, Sasmos, who plays the role of Theodora, published a post on her personal Instagram account, in which she thanked her for what she had taught her in her life.

She then shared with her fans some of the memories she has of her grandmother. In her post, she published a group of photos and videos, and wrote in the comment: “You are, are and always will be the most beloved person in my life. Thank you for teaching me what true, selfless love means, and for keeping my biggest and smallest secrets. They say God can't be everywhere, that's why he sent grandmothers… and now he's brought you back to him… put “Some order there. It also provided for our family until the last minute.”

Then he added:You are, are and will be my second mother. I'll remember you with a glass on your head, dancing broken, talking to crows and secretly feeding the spark while pretending I don't see you. I will remember that you tell things as they are, are not afraid of anything, always with a smile! Forever yours, Zazuki, I love you. PS: You know what to say and to whom, I'm not afraid of you🤍.”

Check out her post:


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