June 25, 2024

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Dentias: €2 billion pledged for “Tholo”.

Dentias: €2 billion pledged for “Tholo”.

Very confident that she will win Hellas To create an ecosystem of defense industries, the Minister of National Defense said, “to be able to produce innovative products that meet the current and recorded needs of the Greek Armed Forces.” Nicos DentiasIn an interview with him in the context of the BEYOND 2024 exhibition in Thessaloniki.

As he said, a new structure will be created Hellenic Defense Innovation Centertakes requirements armed forces and notify them to this ecosystem.

He indicated that priority will be given Building two domes, one anti-aircraft and one anti-drone dome2 billion Euros has been pledged for this

Mr. Tendias noted that our conservation ecosystem contributes very little to GDP. 0.74% Also, Greece buys equipment from abroad, saying that “we must at least be at a point that allows us to respond to the challenges of our environment, to maintain our independence, our territorial integrity.”

“You know, Greece – I always say – This isn't Luxembourg and all our friends aren't next door and they don't throw carnations at us. For example, you look at our neighbor Turkey's shipbuilding program. Look at our neighbor Turkey's drone program. We have to give them a fair answer. I am not saying who will compete first. We want to defend ourselves but can have a deterrence option,” he said.

Responding to a related question, Mr. Dentias said this Technologies and capabilities were found in ODA that, if developed, would surprise us allBut the Greek armed forces and the defense environment are said to be completely out of touch.

He characterized the Constellation project, which we are designing with the US, as a huge opportunity for Greek shipyards to manufacture warships and service its ships. The Mediterranean Seashe Red Sea And his Indian. “So, we are talking about a job that will take 60-70 years in our shipyards,” he added.

Finally, when the prime minister asked about central Macedonia, where he was appointed coordinator, he underlined, “There is a current of populism, which comes mainly from the right, and which threatens all parties that follow the path of European integration.”

“We have to fight here to overturn what the polls are saying, it doesn't make sense to tell you, but I've seen the metrics and you've seen them, we've got to put in some effort. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. Well, I believe, I always believe in force of argument. I understand that we are starting from a point that is not the best, but we also have positives. I saw Prefect earlier and 70% Prefect. We have forces in local government. So I think we'll be fine. But it takes effort,” he asserted.

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