April 24, 2024

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Did The Simpsons predict the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge?

Did The Simpsons predict the collapse of the Baltimore Bridge?

Once again the audience is coming forward to charge another chilling prediction in the beloved Simpsons series. This time it didn't take long for some videos to go viral in which they wanted to predict the incident that happened on the Baltimore Bridge.

User Mamma Gypsy uploaded on TikTok a clip from a recent episode, (Season 35, Episode 8), where Homer is in Scotland, in front of the Forth Bridge, while in the waters of the river there is also a merchant ship heading towards the bridge.

The resemblance of the bridge, ship and landscape to the Baltimore Bridge is almost uncanny.

@mamma.gypsyLooks like she's heading straight for that ray too… The episode was filmed 3 months ago… Praying for all the lost souls

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TikTok user, Canaanite, uploaded a video from a 1996 episode in which Hank Scorpio created a Doomsday device and demonstrated its abilities to the government by blowing up a bridge. However, the episode is about the Queensboro Bridge in New York, not Francis Scott Key in Baltimore.

Artificial intelligence and viral video

Perhaps the most damning “evidence” of The Simpsons' Baltimore prediction is a TikTok video showing fictional news anchor Kent Brockman reading news of the bridge collapse, including the exact time and date it occurred. But the video that was widely circulated in the first hours of the Baltimore disaster turned out to be fake and edited with artificial intelligence technology.

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The popular animated comedy The Simpsons is known for “predicting” certain historical events before they happen in real life.

This list includes the presidency of Donald Trump, Super Bowl winners, and Disney's takeover of 20th Century Fox.