May 22, 2024

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Dimitris Kokotas: New statements by his wife

Dimitris Kokotas: New statements by his wife

Upbeat messages for Dimitris Kokota, who about a month after his cardiac arrest and heart attack, responded on Palm Sunday by opening his eyes.

According to an article published by On Time newspaper, his progress is improving. “He responded to the first stimulus,” his doctors say.

Dimitris Kokotas remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit, but according to the latest information, the singer is now breathing without mechanical support.

Katerina, Dimitris Kokota’s wife, told the newspaper: “Every day we expect something new. Doctors cannot say everything 100%.” He’s reactive, yeah… I mean he’s got some reflexes, but he’s got some tubes that he needs, because he’s not awake, to function on his own, and he still needs support. I don’t know the function of each tube. “He is still in intensive care.”

A week ago, the singer had an EKG, which was fine, so doctors set about waking him up.

“I go to see him every day and check on Dimitris’ health condition. The baby is fine, in the sense that she misses her father. I’m optimistic, I haven’t thought about anything negative for a single moment. Dimitris will rise up and be great, just like before… I feel like all this is wrong.” It’s there, like it didn’t happen. He’s having a good run and we’re all hoping for the best. Doctors can’t predict yet, they’re very conservative. From day one I ask them to tell me what’s going on today, not tomorrow and for a month after that Or frustrated, I want to know now… Every day we wait.”

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