July 22, 2024

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Djokovic-Rooney 2-1: Victorious debut at ATP Finals and year-end No. 1 ranking

Djokovic-Rooney 2-1: Victorious debut at ATP Finals and year-end No. 1 ranking

After a three-hour match, Novak Djokovic beat Holger Röhn 2-1 in his first ATP final in Turin. Meanwhile, by the end of 2023, you will find him in first place in the world rankings.

Hey Novak Djokovic He began successfully retaining the title on ATP Finals in Turin Most likely Holger Röhn 7-6(4), 6-7(1), 6-3 After a race that lasted three hours and four minutes.

With this match, the first round was completed in the group that opened on Sunday afternoon (11/12) with Jannik Sinner’s victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Along with this win, Djokovic also ensured, mathematically, that he would remain number one in the world rankings, regardless of what happens later in the tournament.

Djokovic leads in the tiebreak

Djokovic needed three straight points from 15-30 to make it 1-0 and then 2-1 comfortably, but Rooney had the answers on his serve games to take a 2-2 lead.

The first opportunity to break the serve went to Rooney, who led 15-40, but Djokovic “wiped it out” so that the Dane benefited, after a double fault from the Serbian, and he reached the break and led 3-2. Rooney committed a double fault, as Djokovic took advantage of the first opportunity to break serve and succeeded after his opponent missed a shot (3-3).

Djokovic easily restored the lead 4-3, before Rooney equalized 4-4 in the first love match of the match. Djokovic’s looming love match reached 40-40, but the Serbian made it 5-4 with a winner and an ace. Ron found himself at 0-30, but with composure and a smash he finished the tenth game with a score of 5-5.

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The young Dane put pressure on Djokovic in the 11th game and from 40-15 with two winners made the score 40-40, but again the Serbian finished the match with a score of 6-5, but Rooney equalized it 6-6 and sent the set to a draw. break. Rooney started with a small break of serve, but immediately lost it (2-1), as Djokovic went 3-2 on serve, with two small breaks in a row to escape 5-2 and reach double set point at 6-4. Winning the set 7-6(4) in 71 minutes.

Ron responded with the same coin

Rooney, who produced a winner and two aces, won the opening game of the second set and led 15-40 and with an error from Djokovic claimed the break (2-0).

In the third game, Rooney was threatened three times with a break point, with an ace and a winner, in a rally of 25 points, he responded on the first two occasions, but Djokovic with a winner, reached the goal, reducing it to 2-1 and serving it for a 2-2 draw. With the tenth serve in the match, Rooney ended the fifth game, to continue a love match, with two aces from Djokovic, with a score of 3-3.

The recitation continued from the service line, three straight aces from Rooney at New Love and 4-3. Djokovic tied with three winners and an ace again at 4-4, but Rooney led again at 5-4.

With a successful backhand, Rooney created a set point (30-40) in the tenth game, but Djokovic with three consecutive points made the score 5-5.
Rooney erased the fifth double fault of the match with the 15th ace to take a 6-5 lead and secure a minimum tie-break, as happened, with Djokovic leveling the score at 6-6. Rooney’s impressive run went 6-0 to win the set 7-6(1) to 1-1.

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First he broke two rackets, then Djokovic managed to put them away

Djokovic started a love affair in the third set, leading 15-40 and after a double fault from Rooney, he reached the second game to take a 2-0 lead.
With two straight double faults from Djokovic and a win, Rooney led 15-40 and was immediately broken (2-1) as Djokovic fired two racquets into his chair.

Ron brought the set to 2-2 with a love play, but at that point the champion’s heart spoke. Djokovic initially made it 2-1, and at the crucial moment found a break at 4-2 and escaped with 5-2. Rooney cut it to 5-3, but Djokovic closed out the set with a love game 6-3, securing his first ATP Finals win.

Ranking in the group
1. Foul 1-0 (set 2-0)
2. Djokovic 1-0 (set 2-1)
3. Rune 0-1 (1-2 combinations)
4. Tsitsipas 0-1 (0-2 set)