May 28, 2024

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Do you remember “Broulover” from “Happy Together”? See how it is today

Do you remember “Broulover” from “Happy Together”?  See how it is today

One of his most beloved series mega it’s thehappy together“which appears in repetitions. Among the roles that stand out is that of Avrola, Eva’s friend, played by Ioanna Belichou.”foamShe was different every season and in the second, she was played by actress Nikki Anastasio.

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Happy Together: How is the jumpsuit from Happy Together today?

the Nikki Anastasio After her featured role in Happy Together, she appeared on Greek TV as well as in Cypriot productions. Today, the actress is married and continues her work in the artistic field that she loves so much. It should be noted that her most recent TV work was in 2017 as Nikki Anastasio in two Greek Cypriot productions, La Pasta Pomilώri from ANT1 Cyprus and Paramythi… aka Alpha.

See what Niki Anastasiou looks like today in the photos below:

Image credits: Facebook, NDP

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