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Do you remember Maria Spantedaki? See how the star of Hellas in 1977 became the one who starred in the series “Anastasia” today

Do you remember Maria Spantedaki?  See how the star of Hellas in 1977 became the one who starred in the series “Anastasia” today

Star Hellas In 1977 it was the 22-year-old Cretan girl Maria Spantidaki. Miss Greece Lina Ioannou and Miss Viang Tina Soudry. As soon as Spantidhaki heard her name from the evening's host, Eleni Anosaki, she burst into tears. By the way, see how Milena Zaharacki is doing today.

“Thank you to the committee for the great honor they bestowed upon me. I promise that when I am in Agios Dominikos I will do everything in my power to represent Greece worthy.”

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Spantacki was 1.76 feet tall, had dark hair and a pretty face, and was the last student at the National Theater Drama School. “I tried to think of the platform as a small stage for the National Theater Drama School. As much as it helped me deal with the path that had taken hold of me.”

Spantidaki Road

She was first in expectations and her victory was certain. Miss Universe In 1977 the “Miss Universe” competition was held in Saint Dominique in the Caribbean. Spantacki was injured at the last minute and almost did not participate. He had an accident and went to the hospital with a concussion. The Greek competition organizers were willing to replace her but she eventually recovered quickly and traveled to Saint Dominic. After following the strict program prescribed for all participants, she walked on the catwalk wearing an ancient Greek-style dress, designed for her by designer Ioannis Foros.

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The dress is inspired by the statue of Frasclea, which was found in 1972 in the village of Merinda, near Markopoulos. Tonight's winner was 24-year-old Janelle Comisiong from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Despite its excellent appearance, the Spantucky didn't stand out. Spantaki in 1977 and a year later, she was invited to the Greek beauty pageants to crown the new star Hellas. Spantidaki burned her ribbon and gave up the title of the most beautiful Greek woman. “Beauty pageants are a well-crafted pageant that clearly degrades women. This fairy tale must stop. Every year the same place, the same people, the same hungry gazes devouring the girls on the catwalk.”

Spantidaki was mainly engaged in acting and theater. In 1988 he participated in the theatrical show “Villa Orgy” starring Kostas Rigopoulos and broadcast on ET1. In the 80s and 90s he played in the series “Three and the Cuckoo” and “All of Marriage Difficult”, but his most famous role was “Vicky” in the series “Anastasia” from Mega. She played the role of “Lydia,” which revolves around the first Greek and European Christian to be baptized in Philippi by the Apostle Paul, and co-produced and wrote articles.

As he said: “I am interested first in the work and the shareholders, and then in the role. In a great business, even a few sentences will be enough for me, as long as I am there too! Only in such a case can I support my return.”

How is Maria Spantedaki doing today?


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