December 3, 2023

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Doukas condemns “provocations”, Pleuris “blames” Syriza and Zachariadis files a lawsuit

Doukas condemns “provocations”, Pleuris “blames” Syriza and Zachariadis files a lawsuit

The political thermometer rises into the red just hours before the second round of voting in the Athens municipality begins. The conflict has reached a high pitch and, according to non-paper evidence, the situation “smells of gunfire” just before the polls.

“Ahead of polls, centers, paracentres and even members of the government do organized agitation, With news spread over the internet and citizens’ mobile phones. They are Mr. They are trying in every way to cover up the great failure of the time of Pagoenis, underestimating the intelligence of the Athenians and trying to manipulate their votes”Sources from the Athens Now by Harry Doukas report

“Athens TORA Haris Doukas” Association reserves all its legal rights. Any violation of election procedure will be closely monitored by our legal team. A more definitive answer, however, will be given by Athenians in a vote tomorrow.Paper I of the PASOK candidate’s section concludes.

The above non-paper is due to a post by Thanos Pleuris accusing Syriza of breaching personal data.Those who support Duka support SYRIZA».

“For you to message us when we never consented to you contacting us is a complete breach of privacy. The bottom line is that Haris Doukas is now the SYRIZA candidate. Those who vote for Duka support SYRIZA”, said the former Minister of Health and Member of Parliament for Athens 1 of New Democracy.

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For his part, Costas Zachariadis, head of “Open City”, insists that Syriza-PS never sent such messages and announces legal action.

“Our position on the failed mayor is clear

However, neither Costas Bakoyannis, Open City nor SYRIZA-PS had anything to do with the following false message. Panic is palpable in Maximos and Kotzia Square. We will take legal action against those who sent the message.”Zachariadis wrote on Twitter.