March 30, 2023

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Download this beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone or computer, completely free of charge

known artist nameBasic Apple GuyHe just uploaded on his official page a completely new and beautiful wallpaper, which is all you need to decorate your mobile phone or PC.

This project has a name Big Stary Sur And as the Basic Apple Guy characteristically mentioned, he created it with its help Amnesty International Inspired, of course macOS 11 Big Sur.

In particular, he mentioned the following: Introducing Big Starry Sur, inspired by the macOS 11 Big Sur wallpaper, but reimagined by Vincent van Gogh’s famous 1889 painting “Starry Night”.

I created this image a while ago with the help of AI Midjourney. I wrote different words and phrases to this effect such as “Big Sur” and “Starry Night” and then polished them. Then I started using ML-upscaling and edited it for the final product.

See the image below:

Download Big Starry Sur wallpaper for mobile, PC and Mac in maximum quality Click here.

Basic Apple Guy is a well known artist in the community and creates various wallpapers from time to time, which he shares with the public. In fact, it seems that his next work will again concern wallpapers related to Apple’s Mac.

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