June 2, 2023

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Dubbo: “It was something to be proud of – we’re a big team and we’re not in fifth place”

He said it and he did it!

Brian Dabo had declared that today he could score and fell to “win” the derby with Olympiacos.

The 30-year-old midfielder spoke of a victory that was both a big step for Europe and a source of pride.

For the win and the goal scored: “In recent matches I felt I could score. I step more into the area but the goal is a team effort. Someone makes the movement and someone else fills it in. I was there and I sent the ball into the net.”

On the importance of tonight’s result and Europe’s goal:We’ve taken a big step for Europe, but it’s not over yet. We are seven points ahead of Volos. It is a crucial step. But then, winning tonight is a source of pride for us. Aris is a great team with good players. We are sad about the fifth place.”

For upcoming games: “Every match is a matter of pride. We will look at each match one by one. The derby has its own significance. We will work to improve this mentality and maintain it until the end.”

As for the two wins over Olympiacos, which are also the only ones in this year’s derby:It’s not a matter of luck. Maybe it’s a matter of preparation and that every time we play with them we have good momentum.”

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