June 26, 2024

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Easter: When they gave the president… a honeyed Easter egg to crush

Easter: When they gave the president… a honeyed Easter egg to crush

Politicians said Easter was the Greeks' Easter and ran to camp with soldiers to celebrate Easter. A soldier away from his family and into the camp, getting up at dawn to sled a lamb and celebrate Easter is not a pleasant thing. What a lamb.

For example, at Dionysos in the Marine unit, during the dictatorship, a soldier noticed a metal mark on his leg while spitting a lamb. He looked closer at the arrow… New Zealand 1945 was written on it. That is, at that moment he spat and ate a lamb that was probably bigger than him.

These Easter celebrations in the politicians' camps were glorified by the military regime. The coup d'état that betrayed Cyprus in 1974 resurrected a long-struggling Greece with silly, nonsensical slogans like “Christ is risen, Hellas is risen.”

However, politicians, especially leaders of parties, maintained this tradition during the post-colonial period as they spent a good deal of time in camps on Easter. Plenty and rich television coverage, witty banter with the players, tsamiko, scrambled eggs, wine, chicken, delicious lamb, cheap handshakes and of course the necessary reports. Imaginable statements.

“Christ is Risen”, “Happy Birthday” and “Happy New Year”

One time when Andreas Papandreou got in on the fun, he wanted to shake hands with the foot soldiers after he danced the Tzamiko and shook the egg. Besides his likes of “Christ is Risen” and “Happy Birthday,” there were a few “Happy New Year” ones too, but who cares about that. Basok was overwhelming in the polls.

Easter in the camps was an opportunity to inspire politicians. Alekha Babarica also went to the military units as secretary of the KKE, sat next to Alekha Kostas Karamanlis and swept the eggs, defeating him and these images among tanks, generals and infantrymen. When Christos Sargetakis was elected President of the Republic (with a well-known history of colored ballots) he wanted to make his first public appearance at the Special Forces camp in Megalo Befkos, at the time with the leadership of the armed forces. and Defense Minister Antonis Drozogiannis. But he was elected anew because he had to ignore protocol.

So Megalo Befkos went in a military helicopter. He would take the eggs from a basket, test them first with his teeth to see if they were firm, and then begin scrambling. Most of the time he would let him hit, while the protocol for the President and before the King was that they “hit” first and they always arranged to win. The king was also given a wooden egg.

But once an egg…honeyed into a basket of Easter red eggs for the President. When he rattled it with a six-foot-tall soldier (when he struck the 'attention', he shook the earth beneath his feet), yolk was thrown on the President's forehead, yolk on a lady's dress near by, and a two-foot trooper froze in his fright. He, you see, was the one who “beat” the President's honey egg.

There was a moment of confusion throughout the hunter camp. Then, I don't know what came over me, I screamed “Gauri-gauri”! Drosogiannis heard me, and he shouted Gouri-gouri, and the lady with the crocus in her dress shouted it too, and the two-meter soldier also said “Gouri-gouri,” and the case ended, “Christ is risen.”

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