February 20, 2024

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Effie Fatido: “A wise woman never mistakes twice”

Effie Fatido: “A wise woman never mistakes twice”

In the past few days, Effie Fatido has been in the news after being involved in the incident that happened at the beach. She was defended by Alexis Kougias’ ex-husband, and from that moment on, scenarios flared up about a possible reunion with Alexis Kougias.

The broadcaster was present at one of the events related to the child’s smile, and she was asked specifically about the topic. She answered with a sense of humor while revealing that she did not have the key to it in her hands.

Unless you get some romantic flowers

“This does not mean that whoever makes us a proposal we will accept it, we have to think about it first. One day, I looked for the keyboard with Alexis Kouya and I could not find it. The wise woman made a mistake twice. When I am with Alexis Kouya, no “We’re talking about getting back together unless he brings me some romantic flowers.”

their children

A few days ago he had announced: “Well, he didn’t even propose to me.” He did that to me once, and now he won’t do that to me again. You never know of course. “I want another ring,” Effie Fatido said about the possibility of a reunion with Alexis Coggia, while at the same time saying the underworld had shown he was interested in the mother of his children. “My two children followed their father’s profession.”