April 13, 2024

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Egyptian Encounters with a Woman “Under the Microscope.”

Egyptian Encounters with a Woman “Under the Microscope.”

12 days have passed since the massacre at the shipping company in Glyfada. The “key” person in the case, Despina Carnesi, gave her Her first deposit. She confirms that the killer locked her in the office, while her response to the question of why the family's former confidant killed three people is interesting.

Her deposition Despina Karnesis for Try of the Egyptians Butcher It's not just that it doesn't solve the mystery “burning” Even more. The police inquired as to who he was The reason her murderer rage of the accused and she replied: “I don't know what Aris did personally with my sister.”

“After the testimony of Mrs. Karnesi, everyone now realizes that this family does not want to continue with this. There are secrets that she does not want to reveal. This is a statement that is classified as a “straw”, which tells simple things and what the police have already established. Because no one wants to go deep into this matter, the case is slowly closed. This is already evident after Karnesi's testimony.”Commented by Stavros Balaskas.

The Despina Karnesis He explained to the authorities Every step A 76-year-old convict Lucky morning. He gave Detailed description for Her own four-by-four with the killer. She suddenly saw him in front of her, making sure she wasn't a target as he locked himself in the office to protect her.

Glyfada: Egyptian Encounters with a Woman “Under the Microscope.”

The perpetrator of the assassination and a suicide bomber took out a Greek for the first time, the Star reported. Identity Card The 1993Mentioning residential address Spade and profession translator.

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It has appeared in recent years Residence on Artemisio StreetWhere are they staying? Offices her Shipping Company.

One has entered the police “microscope”. girl, according to the testimonies, the Egyptians met at Klyfada. A girl who doesn't speak Greek.

It never appeared MarbleFriends of the killer told the Star He was always seen alone.