June 16, 2024

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Elinica hoaxes / shameful falsification of avgi.gr publication about Mitsotakis

Elinica hoaxes / shameful falsification of avgi.gr publication about Mitsotakis

We demand immediate relief from the Elinica hoaxers who shamelessly accuse avgi.gr of editing the video of Mitsotakis’ interview with Hatzinikolaou.

From “dirty” games Hellenic hoaxes They did not wake up four days before the election Protective shield for Kyriakos Mitsotakis for Rude statement At the expense of the relatives of the deceased TempehBut they falsify the avgi.gr article that highlighted the problem with their full knowledge.

In particular, Ellinika created a topic titled Hoaxes, “Edited video – PM’s answer on Tempi is wrong”, the photo reads Screenshot of the avgi.gr publication and putting Video modified stamp.

Among others, they cite avgi.gr as an example and write that “in the last few hours the “news” was shared in the electronic press, that Kyriakos Mitsotakis accused the relatives of those who died in the accident in Tempe “for creating instruments. issue”, during a question received during an interview on ANT1 television. Sta A section of peer-reviewed publications is included From the interview in question, it was published by social networking accounts. However, he said The video is cut and stitched As a result, Mr. Mitsotakis’s answer is placed out of context”.

about this Unprecedented tragedy From the Elinica hoax avgi.gr Not just published The entire passage in questionBut he got it Video from profile of Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Facebook. The video begins with a question from Nikos Hatsinicola (16th minute and 23rd second) “Not cut and sewn,” as the Greek hoax author said of tempi. Indeed, the cyber security watchdog cites “the entire passage” as a continuation of the publication, that is, the video from the first moment of avgi.gr. We request Immediate solution From the Elinica hoax. The Self inferiority There is their right However we make it clear No About Let’s allow Such Games At the expense of AVGIS and avgi.gr.

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