June 25, 2024

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English Premier League: “Press” the button…, representing a great danger to Manchester City and Chelsea

English Premier League: “Press” the button…, representing a great danger to Manchester City and Chelsea

The English Premier League “annihilated” Everton with a ten-point deduction and now turns to Manchester City and Chelsea. The risk of relegation is serious for both teams!

Ups and downs have been brought before Premier League. In an official announcement, the English Premier League’s organizing body announced this It was decided to deduct ten points from EvertonDue to financial violations in recent years, which led to the shock of the football community in Al Jazeera.

The development in “Desserts” have been waiting for several weeksThe English Premier League has been notified of its investigation. Merseyside club has Violating the financial regulations of the English Premier LeagueIn terms of transfers, which leads to the transfer of authority organizing the league At the end of the sanctions And deducting ten points from Everton’s current rating, which demanded a change in the penalty.

Developments are “moving” and everyone is waiting to find out what will happen to the “giant” of English football, as the English Premier League announced… Violations respectively by Manchester City and Chelsea.

The “crazy” scenario that relegates City and Chelsea

Last winterThe organizing body has informed that the investigation into any financial irregularities by the Citizens has been completed, and Pep Guardiola’s team faces… Categories For violations for all seasons from 2009 to 2018! In totalthe City Financial Violations reach 115!

On the other hand, Chelsea also have their back to the wall. “Tens of millions were reportedly awarded Foreign payments made by Roman Abramovich During Chelsea’s ownership agents, scouts and club officials may have breached strict football rules, The Guardian and Premier League Open file According to the English, during the reign of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea made payments to external companies and related to a possible series of transfers, starting with Eden Hazard and ending with Willian.

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What are the possible scenarios if both teams are convicted?

Even relegation from the league! Of course, the exact scenario seems far-fetched, but developments are “underway” and immediate answers are expected, and with points deducted for both, it now seems like a very likely scenario…