April 13, 2024

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Enjoy a beloved indie game on Steam for €1

Enjoy a beloved indie game on Steam for €1

Great offer available for another twenty hours in steam. especially, Until January 15 You can catch a huge discount from its category 90% A community-acclaimed indie game, it received a “Very Positive” rating with nearly 60,000 reviews.

Going into details, the Firewatch is available for €1.95. It is a narrative experience distinguished by its dialogues and characters. The game was first released in February 2016 by the development team Campo Santo, which was later acquired by Valve, several members of which are working on Half-Life Alyx.

If you've never given Firewatch a chance, this show might be the perfect opportunity.

For the record, in his review of Unboxholics.com, Sakis Karpas noted:

Firewatch is a life lesson. It's so simple, so simple, and so short, it's enough to shake you. This shakes you not only as a player, but also as a person. It is the game that will go and scratch some wounds that you have been trying to heal for years, it will wash away your feelings and “mistakes” that you have been trying to suppress for a long time. It's very simple, but very inconvenient. I may be exaggerating. I might sympathize with him a little more than the average player, but Firewatch put me in a very difficult position. Those who want to try their luck, those who want to play something very rare, those who want to swim in a very short ocean of emotions, do not miss it.

For more, you can find his full review by clicking here.

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