February 26, 2024

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Epic Games Store: This is the next free game of the week

Epic Games Store: This is the next free game of the week

The gifts don't stop at their digital store epic Games, Since it continues the tradition of free games for 2024 as well.

Once it is available for free Sailing forward As this week's free game, next week's giveaway has been revealed through the Epic Games Store.

From one indie offering to another, the Epic Games Store moves on and so on Thursday, January 18 after At 18:00 the game will be given to all its users love.

It is a platform game developed by independent developer Fred Wood. To Love according to its description is a short-lived, addictive and challenging platformer with simple graphics and designs. It features a custom respawn system, 16 levels, competitive leaderboards, and a 12-track soundtrack.

The difficulty of the levels is balanced by introducing a unique checkpoint system, where the player can leave a checkpoint in any area at any time, as long as they step on solid ground.

The title was first released on Steam in 2014 but was later released on both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platform.

It should be noted that the love show will continue from From January 18 to 25.

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