June 25, 2024

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Epic Games Store: This week’s two free games deserve your attention

Epic Games Store: This week’s two free games deserve your attention

Within a few hours from now, you will be able to download two games for free from the website Legendary Games Store Which definitely deserves your attention. The series of two free titles in the “Free Games” category continues this week with two different proposals for all tastes.

The first game is Building modela simulator for fans of this genre, while the second one that deserves your attention more is called Solstice. This is a relatively new action RPG from Response Game Studios that looks like Devil May Cry and wants to tell you a dark story with strange enemies and iconic bosses.

Find the form builder from here And Solstice By clicking here.

The two titles mentioned above will be available tomorrow, 28 September, at 18:00 Greek time. We’ll let you know, as always, as soon as free games become available. You currently have a few hours to make Out of Line and The Forest Quartet your own.

The first game is Out of Line, a unique and beautiful 2D adventure game with hand-drawn visuals that promises an adventure with the central goal of escaping the factory.

The second game is called The Forest Quartet, and is described as a beautiful 3D puzzle game starring a singer. You’ll control a spirit and have to travel through 3 acts to find her band members so they can all play one last concert together. Of course, since we are talking about a puzzle game, you will have to solve many puzzles or fight to save their souls.

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You can download both by clicking here.

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