May 22, 2024

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Ermou: Suspect who stabbed 22-year-old woman with severe mental illness – was walking around with a butcher knife.

Ermou: Suspect who stabbed 22-year-old woman with severe mental illness – was walking around with a butcher knife.

The 42-year-old foreigner who stabbed 22-year-old Nicoletta with a butcher knife in Ermo is said to have a history of severe mental illness.

The young woman, a student and worker at a local shop, had the misfortune to find herself in front of a psychopath who managed to stab her twice with a large knife, and luckily her life was spared.

It is said that the rucksack on her back saved her and that she was not seriously injured by the knife until a few centimeters away.

German passport

According to the information, the 42-year-old has a German passport and is said to have arrived in Greece by road via Serbia.

He told the police officers who arrested him various unsolved stories, including that the woman who attacked him was a German agent and stabbed him because she was staring at him.

In response to the police's questions, he said that they were being monitored in a clinic in Germany, meaning he was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution.

The fact, reported by a witness, that the man was walking unhindered from Monastiraki to Syntagma in Ermo with a knife in his hand raises many questions.

The assailant can be seen in the video standing nonchalantly at the scene with a knife in his hand until the police arrive and handcuff him without any resistance after the attack.

He was saved by luck

Evangelismos, 22, was seriously injured and underwent a three-hour operation.

According to the doctors, he had a lung injury, ruptured diaphragm and a broken rib from the stab wounds, so a thoracotomy was performed.

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The depth of the puncture wound was four centimeters.

The young woman has been hospitalized in the ICU but is not intubated, which leaves a lot of room for optimism about her health.

According to the hospital, she is out of danger, but her father, who remains by her side, says doctors have told him that the next two 24 hours will be crucial to how her body copes.