November 28, 2023

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Euro 2024 qualifiers final, possible opponents and qualification dates

Euro 2024 qualifiers final, possible opponents and qualification dates

The Greek national team finally qualifies for the qualifiers next March, with the aim of qualifying from there to the 2024 European Nations Cup finals. What is the fate of their potential opponents and when will they play the two decisive matches?

The Greek national team ended its participation in the qualifiers next March with the aim of qualifying for the 2024 European Championship. The direct qualification for the Netherlands left the “blue and white” on the path to a second chance, on a path not only paved with hope. Rose petals.

Our country, together with Georgia and Luxembourg, has already secured its presence in the resulting qualifiers of League C of the UN League, and there is still one more place for the unofficial Final Four. It is currently occupied by Kazakhstan, a rival to Greece, but everything will be decided on Monday.

How to play with Kazakhstan

The Kazakh national team will give everything it has next Monday against Slovenia, in a match that turned into the final of Group H of the qualifiers, after Friday’s results. Denmark defeated the Slovenians in the summit derby and secured the first two tickets offered by the group, with the result that one place remained for Germany’s stadiums from that particular group.

This award will be awarded in Ljubljana between Slovenia and Kazakhstan, which are currently separated by one point. The Slovenians are top, and if they win or draw at home, they will also qualify for the final stage of the European Championship, sending Kazakhstan to the qualifiers.

How will things go with Luxembourg?

If Kazakhstan manages to pull off an upset in the qualifying final and snatch the qualification ticket from Slovenia, it will leave a gap in front of the Greek national team’s rival in the semi-finals of the qualifying round.

For this not to happen, a re-seeding is expected to take place which will result in the fourth team from the qualifiers being promoted to third place and the first runner-up completing the top four. The team that advanced is Luxembourg, which in this scenario will be the first obstacle for our country to qualify for the Euro 2024 finals.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan completes fourth place in the qualifiers and will be competing with Georgia in the other semi-final.

Based on current data – which can change as the qualifiers progress – the data for the Nations League qualifiers is as follows:

  1. 03/21/2024 Georgia – Luxembourg (home of Georgia)
  2. 03/21/2024 Greece – Kazakhstan (Greece on its soil)
  • last (03/26/2024) Georgia or Luxembourg – Greece or Kazakhstan (home country will be determined by lottery)
  • Contestants: Azerbaijan, Kosovo
  • Direct qualification from League C so far: Türkiye, Slovakia