May 22, 2024

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EuroLeague: Panathinaikos made a double protest on the stages with Lesur and Nimbus

EuroLeague: Panathinaikos made a double protest on the stages with Lesur and Nimbus

Panathinaikos made a double interception in Game 3 of the EuroLeague playoffs against Maccabi.

Specifically, at the start, KAE Panathinaikos, with the approval of Ergin Ataman, filed an objection on the stage that essentially decided Game 3 with Maccabi Tel Aviv and gave them a 2-1 lead in the Euroleague qualifying series.

With the score tied at 83-83 and Lorenzo Brown missing a corner kick to take the lead, after a foul by Mathias Lesueur, the referees, having initially counted it as having found the ball on the backboard before the French center intervened, then – with the help of instant replay – did not count the basket and passed Gambol, which was done incorrectly, according to the “Greens”, who believe that since the ball was not in possession, it should have been given to Panathinaikos.

Then with the Israelis winning the shot, the ball went to Brown, who fouled Grant and hit a free throw 85-83 from the goal line.

Ergin Ataman's direct partner, Christos Cirellis, explained: “It is a stage where a foul whistle was blown at the beginning and the basket was counted. Everything starts from there. We claim that at the stage where the referees blew the whistle, the ball should have been given to us. And if “It wasn't given to us. It should have had 3.8 inches of attack and not the 14 inches it had. We'll see what hope it has. As it turned out, it was a false whistle.”

Added to the objection is the stage in which Nimbo, at 55 inches before the end and the score 83-82, clearly rose to the finish line, without the referee who was in front of the stage seeing it!

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