June 26, 2024

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Europa League – Panathinaikos – Villarreal 2-0: Sinking… “Yellow Submarine” in Oaka

Europa League – Panathinaikos – Villarreal 2-0: Sinking… “Yellow Submarine” in Oaka

European Panathinaikos returned in deafening fashion to the group stage, beating Villarreal, known as the “Yellow Submarine,” 2-0 in a crowded Olympic Stadium, in the first round of Group 6 of the Europa League, after an excellent performance by Ivan Jovanovic’s players.

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Ioannidis in the 38th minute with a wonderful “scratch” and Sporar in the 78th minute with a terrible execution that “secured” the first victory for the “Greens” in the group stage of the European League after 11 years and 13 consecutive matches without three – Al-Moasher (3 draws and 10 losses).

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Panathinaikos entered the field in the mood to control the pace of the game and did not have their first good moment until the eighth minute when Shinkfield, after a corner kick from Cerin, headed wide.

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In the 17th minute, Villarreal showed their quality when, with a direct football and three passes, they ran towards the opponent from the left side, where José Luis Morales reached the end line alone and shot a shot from inside the penalty area.

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Three minutes later, the “Greens” performance changed very quickly in the penalty area, as Palacios shot from a side position outside the net.

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Panathinaikos started to increase the pressure and steal balls and in the 39th minute came the big “whammy” moment. Kotsiras (who made an inside move) made a wonderful headed pass to Fotis Ioannidis, who “drilled” the ball over the emerging Reina and made it 1-0 in favor of the “Greens” in awe.

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Villarreal entered the second half with greater intensity and tried to put more pressure on the Panathinaikos half, but it was the “Greens” who wasted the first big chance in the second 45 minutes, when Ioannidis took stunning control, rushing away from Mandi, but at the last moment before his execution was cut down by Gambia.

In the 52nd minute, Reina made a significant intervention in Palacios’ shot from the edge of the penalty area, while in the development of the half, Mandy blocked Mladenovic’s direct shot before it crossed the goal line.

Six minutes later, a corner kick from Bernard found Cerin in the area, but the Slovenian midfielder’s header went wide, while in the 62nd minute Kotsiras found himself on a very quick counter-attack in the shooting position, but his shot went over the posts.

Jovanovic’s changes closed Villarreal’s lanes, with the “clover” finding more spaces to “hit” the Spanish team. He did it again in the 78th minute with his other striker, Andraz Sporar, who received the ball from the right side. He made an excellent parallel move and executed it with his left outside the area, making the score 2-0 for Panathinaikos and setting the “fire.” “Back to crowded OAKA.

In the 90th minute, Felina stole the ball with tremendous force, crossed the half-court and shot with his left hand, but the ball went wide of Reina’s left post, while in the 90th+2 minute, Aitor’s cross shot missed the goal. … Centimeters from Magnusson’s leg to make Panathinaikos’ victory even more brilliant.

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Referee: Craig Pawson (England)
Yellows: 64′ Femenia, 74′ Sorloth, 84′ Moreno, 87′ Piedraza.

Formation of the two teams:
Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli, Kotsiras, Sinkeveld, Magnusson, Mladenovic, Robben (76′ Arau), Ceren Palacios (88′ Palacios), Bernard (76′ Djuricic), Mancini (68′ Felina), Ioannidis (68′ Sporar). ). ).
Villarreal (Pacheta): Reina, Kiko Femenia, Mandi, Gambia, Piedraza, Denis Suarez (30′ Piño), Capoue, Comisana (60′ Parejo), Trigueros (61′ Moreno), Morales (77′ Paena). Britton (61′ Sorloth).

Sixth group

First competition
Panathinaikos – Villarreal 2-0 (Ioannidis 38, Sporar 78).

Rennes – Maccabi Haifa 3-0 (1 Plus, 31 Truffer, 55 Yildirim).

1. Rennes 3 3-0
2. Panathinaikis 3 2-0
3. Villarreal 0 0-2
4. Maccabi Haifa 0 0-3

Next race (5/10)

Maccabi Haifa – Panathinaikos

Villarreal – Rennes

Source: Monkey

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