June 23, 2024

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European elections 2024: Europe under the shadow of the far right

European elections 2024: Europe under the shadow of the far right

In the final stage of announcing the final results of the European elections director Across the European Union (EU) appear Clear gains for the far right At a pivotal moment for the European Union as the Old Continent grapples with Russia’s war in Ukraine, global trade tensions marked by the rivalry between the United States and China, increasingly difficult weather conditions, and uncertainty over the results of the US elections.

With intense anti-threatening and xenophobic rhetoric, The Austrian Freedom Party occupies first place in opinion polls in Austria, while the Alternative for Germany party comes in second place. If these predictions come true, it would be a painful defeat for Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Sols, who sees his party coming in third place (14%), far behind the conservative Christian Democrats (29.5%), but also behind the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD). (16%). %). German voter Tanja Reith (52 years old) from Berlin told Agence France-Presse: “In the current global situation, where everyone is trying to isolate each other, it is important to continue to defend peace and democracy.”

While center parties are expected to retain most of the European Parliament’s 720 seats, opinion polls appear to confirm polls that indicated the stronger far-right party would weaken them, with a clear emergence. The danger of society sliding towards extreme conservatism. With citizens having to deal with an uncertain natural and social environment every day, as well as unbearably high costs of living, many find refuge in populist messages.

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According to data collected by Politico, he appreciates that The center-right European People’s Party will win 173 seats In the European Parliament,Center-left socialists and democrats 143 And the center Renewal of Europe 75 seats. The largest right-wing extremist group is… European conservatives and reformistsThe Italian Brotherhood Party, led by Meloni, is expected to win 76 seatsWhile the other group is far-right Identity and democracyThe party, which has Le Pen’s support, is expected to meet 67 seats.

Sources: Agence France-Presse, Politico