April 19, 2024

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Eurovision 2024: The “dice” in the bet rises – 3 places in one day

Eurovision 2024: The “dice” in the bet rises – 3 places in one day

The increase of betting companies was marked by the Greek participation in Eurovision 2024, with the song “Zari” by Marina Sati.

“Zari” song With which Greece will participate in Eurovision in 2024, it is gradually achieving success and receiving a positive response. From the tenth position it was on Thursday, today it was able to rise to the seventh position for betting companies.

According to betting companies The first is Croatia, while the next places are Ukraine and Italy.

Greek song by Marina Satti for this year's Eurovision 2024

The music for the song “Zari” was composed by Marina Satti herself, along with Augie, KB, Nick Kodonas, Jay Stolar, Gino the Ghost and Jordan Palmer. While the lyrics were co-written by VLOSPA, OGE and Solmeister. On Thursday evening, the official video clip for the song was shown, with which it “travels” throughout Europe, until the final stage of the competition, next May, in Malmo, Sweden.

This is reminded Of the 37 countries participating in Eurovision 2024, five countries, the so-called “Big Five”, qualify directly for the grand final on 11 May 2024. (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy), in addition to the organization Sweden. The draw determined the semi-finals, which the fans of the Six Nations would vote on.

In the second semi-final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, On May 9, 2024, specifically in the first half of the semi-finals, Greece will compete. Specifically, Marina Sati will appear in the first half of the second semi-final in fourth place. It will be joined in the same group by Austria, Estonia, Georgia, Malta, Norway and others.

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