February 25, 2024

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Everything changes in 2024 in road tax and real estate rent – the 12 axes of the Ministry of Finance’s action plan

Everything changes in 2024 in road tax and real estate rent – the 12 axes of the Ministry of Finance’s action plan

New certification system Traffic fees Through an automated process and a change in state Real estate rentalIt includes Action plan of the Ministry of National Economy and Finance for 2024. Key actions for the new year also include higher repayment, continuation and completion of loan obligations Objective price reformpayment of state guarantees, and mechanisms for monitoring non-service Private debts And the new management policy for Superfund companies.

Business plan for 2024 12 central axis With the objectives and procedures to be undertaken by the Ministry of National Economy. The central axes are to continue reducing public debt and ensuring public stability. especially:

1. Reducing public debt

additional Early repayment of existing loan obligations At a relatively high service cost, provided that the cost of new borrowing is less than the service cost mentioned above. The goal is to pay off more of the existing expensive loans for fiscal year 2024.

Issuance Green bonds 4the Quarter 2024. A framework is expected to be in place ESG (ICMA), second-party review of the ESG framework, selection of guarantor banks from among key market traders, selection of ESG projects for financing through green bonds, reporting, etc.

2. Improving income – reducing taxes

In addition to the initiatives that were announced such as: Reducing the tax burden From significant reductions in expenditures related to the green economy, energy and digitalization, as well as the gradual reduction of buzz fees for buzzing enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Providing tax incentives to promote mergers and acquisitions, by offering a discount to merging companies. The financial cost will be estimated after data is collected by AADE, from the liquidation of returns filed in 2023.

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3. Combating tax evasion

Beyond interventions for them IndependentsIt is planned to expand electronic payment methods and fully activate the myDATA system:

  • Rationalize it Traffic tax certificate While it will be easier to identify uninsured vehicles in circulation, as well as vehicles that should have been inspected by KTEO. With the new system, it will be more effective to control any omissions regarding the obligations of rolling vehicles in an automated manner and enhance the compliance of responsible persons.
  • Institutionalizing rules to avoid tax evasion in the real estate rental sector
  • Reform indirect taxes, especially their rates Value added tax, in accordance with European Union law regarding the special regime for small companies and Regulation (EU) no. 904/2010.
  • Introducing educational programs in primary education to create tax awareness
  • The second phase Fix objective values Which aims to form a system that monitors real estate market trends, by aligning “objective” real estate values ​​with market values. This will be achieved by automatically updating the fully digital display system of the system’s areas, prices and transactions, as well as real estate data and values, at regular intervals and creating relevant applications.

4. Dealing with private debt

Mechanisms are being developed to monitor the level of distressed private debts and provide early warning for their rapid detection at the corporate and individual levels. also:

  • Establishing an acquisition and leasing agency – starting the agency in 3the Quarter of the year
  • Accelerating the examination and payment of state guarantees
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5. Promoting privatization

  • Implementing the strategic plan of the Hellenic Holding and Real Estate Company (Super Fund)
  • Real estate valuation program
  • Investment portfolio management services
  • Completion of the long-term Kalamata Airport concession tender and commencement of use of the country's 22 regional airports
  • Establishment of the National Investment Fund

6. Use of public property

  • extension State real estate registrythrough which public properties are supervised and monitored, through interoperability with all ministries and government agencies that manage properties, as well as the Hellenic Land Registry SA and ETAD SA.
  • New regulatory framework for Public Real Estate SA and ETAD SA

7. Structural reforms

  • Codifying legislation with the aim of reforming and simplifying the tax legislative framework and dealing with multiple borders in 2the Quarter of 2024
  • Eliminate manual tax refunds and automate reimbursement processes
  • Mandatory IBAN statement for filing income tax returns
  • Tax framework for persons with disabilities

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8. Benefiting from European resources

Preparing and monitoring work plans for the year 2024 to implement and record sectoral and regional program expenditures

9. Public investment and public-private partnership programme

  • Design, plan, implement and monitor the public investment and public-private partnership program in 4the Quarter of 2024
  • Establish a new framework for managing the Public Investment Program by implementing a series of reforms that include simplification of integration and financing procedures, flexible procedures for reallocating resources, a new cost payment structure for all projects, strengthening the planning and control of PDP expenditures and revenues, establishing integration procedures projects in 4the Quarter of 2024
  • Establishing a digital center with an interactive projection map for all projects funded by national and community resources at the region, regional unit, and municipal levels.
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10. Just development transition

the National energy and climate planShe has defined her goal Complete cleansing of the country by 2028 With the majority of lignite units purchasing power sa They will be withdrawn by 2025. In the context of the lignite removal program from domestic electricity generation, in the lignite areas included in the lignite removal areas of Kozani, Florina and Megalopolis, there is a need for their recovery and exploitation within the framework of the Just Development Transition (SDG) Plan, and the Just Development Transition Plan (PDAM). , and the Equitable Development Transition Plans (ESDIM) accompanying the ESPA-DAM program 2021-2027

11. Greece 2.0

Disbursement of the fourth installment of a financial contribution of a maximum of 1.85 billion euros and loan support of a maximum of 2.35 billion euros in 4 years.the Quarter of 2024

12. Enhancing competitiveness

  • Integrating green transformation priorities into the country’s economic policy
  • Incentives to enhance the openness of the Greek economy with a focus on specific sectors with high added value

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