February 22, 2024

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Evia: Worry for four young men – they're stuck in the snow

Evia: Worry for four young men – they're stuck in the snow

On their way to the Dirfis shelter in Evia, they received a call to rescue four young men who had become trapped in the snow.

The fire department was called to the rescue of the four people around 23:30 on Sunday night and two fire engines arrived at the scene with the four people.

Earlier, a family with three children got stuck on their way to Tirbis' shelter

Snow has already appeared in the Evia Mountains and the villages of Cheta and Steni have been snowing since Sunday evening, while snow will intensify on Monday and Tuesday.

Second release in a few hours

Earlier, according to evima.gr, an alarm was raised in the fire brigade after a family who went to the snow in the same place missed it.

Specifically, on Sunday, January 28, the family went to Dirfis's shelter with their three children. Their car suddenly got stuck on a dirt and snow road, so they could not continue.

The fire department was immediately informed and the Chakney volunteer team reached the spot with four men and two fire engines. When they arrived at the scene, a passing 4×4 was already assisting the family.

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