February 22, 2024

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F-35: Why did the right wing hurt?

F-35: Why did the right wing hurt?

Their problem is not the F-35. Their trouble and agony is that “Gaulis” buys them off. F-35s are fine, they are getting complicated because of Mitsotakis.

For the left, whatever you say about the weapon doesn't make sense. They have been anti-arms, pro-peace, anti-war, anti-borders and so on since their inception on this planet. Younger people don't know the revolutionary slogan “What do you want with Averof, what do you want with Gilkis, let's turn the land into a plowing tractor”. (The Averof and Gilkis are warships of the Greek Navy.)

As always for the left, safety equipment translates into schools, hospitals, pension increases and more. I think they are hurting themselves today when they resurrect this nonsense. But right?

And even the far right? What's wrong with him; Nothing hurts and she plays well. Since he can't recommend the Sukhoi, he's trying to get rid of the F-35. That makes them completely useless because they are bought by Mitsotakis, whom the CIA has never attempted to assassinate. The “Pythia 2” project shouldn't even exist, it's registered under his responsibility!

The far right seems to suffer more than the left when considering the 3rd four-year term of Kiriakos. The Left in this mess is struggling to pull itself together. It no longer has governmental aspirations and its executives, whether in Syriza or the New Left, know this. So, as in 2027, they have decided with the same taste.

But those who support the space on the right of new democracy are consciously participating in a plan to attack Europe from within by political forces friendly to Russia. The game is clear and we see it unfolding in all states of the European Union. Let us not think that this pro-Russian call did not include those who supported Greece's reckless attempt to partially change its geostrategic orientation – through the pipelines.

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There are political forces in Russia here, they are multifaceted, they siphon significant funds – these are known – and their ultimate goal is to destabilize the Mitsotakis government. They don't forgive her for standing on the right side of history from the first moment, for which she is one of America's most trusted allies.

Don't get tired of the herb of ownership! Tell us you don't like Goulis and let's end the matter without bothering us with your nonsense about the F-35.