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Fake ownership transfer: How they sold “forgotten” properties – revealing interviews – Newsbomb – News

Fake ownership transfer: How they sold “forgotten” properties – revealing interviews – Newsbomb – News

An incredible mix was created in the real estate market by members of the network, who were conducting illegal transfers of abandoned properties in Attica, as he revealed in his post, On Sunday, the Free Press newspaper published the conversations that “burned” them and led to their arrest.

The Interior Ministry of the Security Forces began arresting three members of the organization. It concerns the “brain” of the 68-year-old Al Khatim, a 62-year-old from Syria, who is 52 years old.

Dialogues that “burned” them.

“Yes, hey. The lawyer told me it's twenty years until the state moves. Twenty years later they're not done yet. Well, make the paper, lien to boot, hello.” A member of the organization that carried out illegal transfers of abandoned property in Attica, speaking with “ “Mastermind” of the criminal activity after locating a “targeted” house in the Papagos area, the owners of which are not alive.

This is one of three cases in which the criminal organization was able to carry out all the necessary procedures, with forged documents, to sell properties to potential buyers.

The recorded conversation about the abandoned house in Papago took place shortly after the member of the criminal organization visited the tax office. The goal was to review any financial entitlements owed to the housing owners.

“He also died and had nothing. He died in 2021,” he says while talking to the leader, who replies: “Well, let me tell you.” Come on, let me help you arrange things, come on, we’re done, let’s not talk on the phone.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the defendant expressed concerns about possible state intervention due to the homeowner's debts.

president:Will you listen to me? You like to stay like this so no one gets close, do you understand? When will you do it again…

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member: The point is that the point is that the state is getting closer.

president: The state is not close after all this, it will take 20 years to say.

member: Anyway ok.

president: You, well, we'll talk about it in person. OK;

member: Yes Yes Yes.

president: If the state approaches, say guys, I've been here for 25 years and I've been using them, I'll pay them. Well, now he's told you and left, he doesn't want action. OK;

“I found a good copy”

“Everything is under control. All I want is for you to work on building the Papagos franchise for me,” the accused says in another message.

The leader characteristically replies: “Yes. Well, I already made it. I found a good copy.”

The 68-year-old, after ensuring that the property remained unused and had not been given to a third person, proceeded to prepare false supporting documents and liens.

According to the documents, the owner appears to have given himself or another member of the criminal organization the right to use the property indefinitely.

He then, with the forged liens, took the necessary actions to use the property (obtaining title to the property), in order to carry out the illegal taking. “I will take it to have it stamped for me, we will give her her wallet and we will leave,” the 68-year-old says in a conversation, revealing the financing of individuals with the aim of achieving the illegal transfer.

Locks, chains, conversations with neighbors

“I told you about the locksmith, what did he do?” he says in a conversation with the leading member of the organization, revealing that he hired a locksmith to gain access to one of the abandoned houses.

The properties were found by the 68-year-old leader, who at the first stage examined the building until he was sure that there was no possibility of the owner appearing.

He then “secures” the property by placing new locks and chains on the doors to prevent others from entering or to determine if one of the real owners has entered the house.

After ensuring that the “targeted” houses are uninhabited, he goes inside to search for everything related to their ownership status (documents or contracts). At the same time he removed objects and valuables with the intention of using them himself or selling them. In fact, according to the policemen who conducted investigations to dismantle the criminal group, it was found that the 68-year-old man had placed his own belongings inside the homes, so that in the event of a search, he would remove them. The impression that the place is inhabited.

In a second stage, the leader, along with the rest of the organization’s cooperating members, searched for information about the real owner, through the relevant mortgage office and the real estate registry, while collecting documents related to the properties neighboring it. “Targeted” homes. If they fail, information comes from…the neighbors. The lifelong president himself did not hesitate to extract the necessary information, while he then contacted the owners or their relatives to confirm whether the property was inhabited or used by a third party, in order to prepare for the next stage of the process.

Certificates from engineers and after-sales service

Among the three detainees, whose actions were identified during the investigation into the corrupt EL.AS, is a 62-year-old man of Syrian origin, who pledged to find competent engineers.

Engineers on behalf of the organization inspected the abandoned houses and ensured they were in order, allowing the future sale process to begin. In fact, as the police discovered, both the accused from Syria and the leader of the criminal group lived in houses with a “cloudy” ownership situation, which is the subject of the investigation.

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The necessary documents for the “dossier” of the property were collected by the 68-year-old leader and a 60-year-old lawyer who was involved in a second criminal organization with activity in facilitating the illegal stay of foreigners in the country. .

The transfer and search for potential buyers was carried out by a 52-year-old man who was arrested during an Internal Affairs Service operation that took place last Thursday. The recorded conversation between the 52-year-old man and the leader of the organization, regarding the illegal transfer of property, on February 26, indicates the following:

52 years old“I want you to tell me a question. Can we, using the code SYMBOL, transfer the property since the hole was found? With eh, with eh, with the information I have?”

president: “Look, if the system doesn't reject them, they'll pass.”

52 years old: “Dude, what's the system? Since then, you know, what can we say again.”

president“Listen again, you didn't understand me and it was that way if you remember. The others were like that, they passed. The problem is what the contract will do.”

52 years old: “Hey, that's what I'm telling you, that's why we want contracts.”

president: “Yes, but there's a chance, when he hits them and they tell him no, he panics. Because you know who I'm talking about.”

In at least three real estate cases, in Nea Smyrni, Psychiko and Papago, the criminal organization carried out all necessary procedures to sell properties to potential buyers.

According to the authorities' estimates, based on the objective value of the properties, the interest they will receive from the transfer will exceed 120 thousand euros.

Source: ET by Kiriaki