February 26, 2024

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Farmers blocked roads with tractors and horses

Farmers blocked roads with tractors and horses

Halkidiki farmers returned to Neo Maudania constituency. Producers in Fidiotida began closing the Athens-Lamia highway at the Scala Atlanti intersection. Aegelia's peasants also brought horses to the block of the bridge of Meganides.

Farmers of Halkidiki tried to march with tractors in the city of Thessaloniki in the morning with the Ministry of Macedonia – Thrace as their goal, they returned to Neo Moudania block.

To prevent the entry of tractors into the city, the police formed barricades at the heights of Lakoma.

Eventually the farmers left Lakoma and returned to the block. Now, traffic is running normally on Thessaloniki – Neo Moutania.

According to Christos Sibelis, President of the Hormelia Agricultural Association, the representatives of the farmers of Halkidiki will participate in the Pan-Hellenic meeting in Nikaia, Larissa on February 6th.

Later, they will meet in Maudania constituency to decide their next stand.

Farmers picketed the national road in the area of ​​Skala Atlantis – Metropolitan Phithioditos Simeon.

Not satisfied with the support measures announced by the government, the farmers of Lochrone municipality went to block the National Road at the Scala Atlanti junction. Simeon, Metropolitan of Phithiotida, was on their side.

Speaking to TVStar.gr, Mr. Simeon spoke in favor of farmers, insisting that “agriculture is a national issue, not a party issue.” As he said, the peasants are not protesting for no reason, but “they are leaving their land because it hurts them”, while stressing that “no one is allowed to insult their protests”.

Metropolitan Fthiotidos, speaking of population and rural desertification, also mentioned the issue of same-sex couples, commenting that “too much interest is spent on other kinds of agendas.”

Meanwhile, the farmers have said that they will continue to protest as their problems have not been resolved due to the measures announced by the government.

Black from Aeglia Farmers… Horses!

Under siege in Achaia and Aetologarnania, the peasants continue their mobilization, while a new date has been set for Tuesday, February 6, where decisions on their next movements will be made.

Earlier, on Monday afternoon (05.02.2024), Agalia farmers, for the fourth consecutive day, staged a barricade on the old national road at Meganitis Bridge.

By the way, in tonight's rally, not only tractors and machines, but also horses were paraded and danced by the farmers' group!

Black with... Horses from Aeglia Farmers!

Information from APE – BEE