March 23, 2023

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Fascinating discovery of medieval treasure dating back a thousand years in the Netherlands with a metal detector

The Dutch historian located the impressive treasure at Hoogwood, a small town in the Dutch province of North Holland.

four golden earringstwo strips of gold leaf and 39 silver coins, dated 1000 yearscompose a unique medieval treasure, unearthed by anyone Dutch historian using a metal detector.

The discovery of these discoveries was announced by the historian on Thursday (9/3) at the Royal Museum of Archeology in the Netherlands, where the 27-year-old historian Lorenzo Reuter stated that he had identified This treasure is impressivein Hoogwood, a small town in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

In an interview with Reuters, Reuter mentioned this specifically “It was so important that I discovered something of great value. I can’t really describe it. I never expected to discover something like this.”

He also noted that it was very difficult to keep his discovery under wraps for about two years, until the museum set out to fully evaluate them. Experts, however, who Royal Museum of Antiquitiesthey needed the time to clean, research and date these things.

In fact, they have only now discovered that the most recent coin from the collection is dated about 1250 ADleading them to the conclusion that at that time the treasure was buried.

Medieval gold jewelry is an extremely rare find in the Netherlands.Museum said.

The reason for the burial of the treasure will remain a vague secret, while the museum indicated that at the time, in In the middle of the thirteenth centuryHogwood was the focus of the war between the Dutch lands of West Friesland and the Netherlands.

For his part, Reuter believes it is possible that a powerful figure of the time buried the valuables in an effort to protect them and in the hope of recovering them once he saw it was safe to do so again.

Because of its archaeological value, the treasure has been loaned to the museum where it will be displayed, but it will remain the official property of Lorenzo Reuter, who discovered it.

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