February 22, 2024

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Femicide on Lesvos: Prosecutor suggests prosecution of Eratos' killer should continue – “He wasn't in the heat of the moment”

Femicide on Lesvos: Prosecutor suggests prosecution of Eratos' killer should continue – “He wasn't in the heat of the moment”

A lawyer for the killer of Eratus, who was shot dead by her estranged husband in May 2019, has recommended that the charge of intentional homicide be pursued in a calm state of mind.

Eleni, the victim's mother, could not bear to hear her daughter's killer's apology, and entered only to hear the lawyer's proposal.

He cringed after hearing the prosecutor say that half of Erato's head had been severed and found on the bed and on the wall after the carbine murder. At the same time as the lawyer spoke, chants of protesters were heard from the opposite side of the court: They are not all here, Erato is missing.

Before 1:00 p.m. in the North Aegean Joint Jury Appeal Court, a lawyer said: “From the moment of the crime, 30 minutes had passed. This means that if he was upset to see his estranged wife with another man, as the defendant says, he would have driven his car for a long time. Driving to Loutra, he returned to Chrysomallusa to shoot her with a carbine.

“They're not all here, missing Erato”

She insisted that Erato was not trying to insult her estranged husband, but that he had illegally entered her home. Also, the district attorney suggested that the court examine whether this action is consistent with the character of the accused: “I wonder how many people came from other cities to testify for Erato, while only his aunt did not come for him.”

Erato was shot dead by her husband in May 2019.

What did the accused say?

According to the website Stonici, in an appeal brought by the accused, who was sentenced to life in prison in the first instance, the question was whether they were red-faced and not cold-hearted because he was punished, as he said. This is what his lawyer has been trying to prove since day one, and if the joint jury (three judges and four jurors) agrees, the guilty party's sentence will be reduced.

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The defendant's apology lasted more than an hour as he repeated his claims, namely, that he never molested Erato and that they were a very happy couple.

As Eratus' mother, father and dozens of friends tearfully watched the trial, he said he only harmed her when he murdered her.