February 27, 2024

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Fifteenth Salary, Extraordinary Benefits and Bonus for…

Fifteenth Salary, Extraordinary Benefits and Bonus for…

KARELIA Tobacco Industry offers the 15th salary and extraordinary benefits and bonuses to its employees, announced the general manager of the company, Andreas Karelias, in his annual message to employees.

In particular, declare with respect to employee benefits that:

a. The extraordinary financial aid for the festive table is 350 euros net this year.

B. Today’s prize for each of the 40 lucky winners is €1,000 net.

c. In addition, every employee with children studying at a state university or TEI will receive exceptional financial aid of €1,750.

d- In addition, the employees, whose children have succeeded in the aforementioned institutions in 2022, will receive additional additional assistance of €500 net.

e. At the same time, the company will present a modern Apple laptop as a gift to every child who succeeds in being accepted into one of the above-mentioned schools in 2022.

And – all employees will receive, as an exceptional feature, a total monthly salary, that is, the company is private for this year and due to its increasing profitability, it will give the fifteenth salary to all employees.

g- All employees with salaries below €1,500 will receive Extraordinary Additional Financial Assistance with a net value of €500.

h. 160 executives and employees who have distinguished themselves for their performance in the past year will receive the blue bonus of €2,700,

Also, 50 executives and employees, whose performance is deemed to be excellent, will receive the €4,000 gold bonus.

Financial support for public benefit organizations

At the same time, KARELIA will continue its social work with the financial support of the organizations. Especially this year, the Board of Directors of the company decided to support the following bodies with a total amount of 1,000,000 Euros:

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1) The Holy City of Messenia for the amount of 200,000 Euros, of which 50,000 Euros is for the construction of the Holy Church of St. Catherine in our city.

2) Kalamata General Hospital for the amount of €200,000 for the purchase of an ophthalmic surgical microscope plus a plethysmography-resistance-diffusion fixed volume and oscilloscope system.

3) The Fire Service of the Peloponnese region with an in-kind assistance of €200,000.

4) Hellenic Therapeutic Riding Association for the amount of €60,000.

5) Efstathia I. Kostopoulos Foundation “To Perivoli tis Yagia” for its long-term contribution to the child, in the amount of €70,000.

6) Association of Friends of People with Special Needs in Messenia (PWD) in the amount of 50,000 euros.

7) SOS Children’s Villages in Kalamata for the amount of 50,000 euros.

8) The Department of Theater Studies at the University of Peloponnese (Nafplio) to implement the needs of the program “Developing Life Skills for Prisoners of Tirin, Nafplio, Tripoli and Cordillos” with an amount of 50 thousand euros.

9) SCHEDIA Magazine with €70,000 to support the efforts of the homeless and socially excluded to join or rejoin the social fabric.

10) Child Protection Branch in Attica “Mather” with an amount of 50,000 Euros.

The extraordinary benefits for employees, which were analyzed above, in addition to the total support for public benefit organizations, exceed 4,500,000 euros.

Mr. Karelias also noted, among others, that “by 2022 we have exceeded 15 billion cigarettes in total sales volume. We increased our turnover in Greece especially in our luxury brands. In cigarettes, the increase exceeded 5%, while tobacco sales were at high levels in the past year.

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“We recorded the highest turnover in our history, surpassing even the huge success we had last year,” he noted, adding: “We achieved the highest profitability in our history, greatly enhanced by the restart of the duty-free sector in Greece and abroad due to Increased passenger traffic, dollar-euro parity, but also careful and targeted price adjustments, where possible, thus offsetting increases in raw and auxiliary prices to a satisfactory extent so far.”