May 21, 2024

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“Finally what is infidelity? In general, when we don't want to be somewhere, let's not be.”

She wanted to express her opinion about infidelity Dana Baraka, On the occasion of his confession Grigoris Arnautoglu, Who described how he discovered his ex-partner was cheating.

“I knew the story of Grigoris Arnautoglou's betrayal… He either told me it in a group or he told it somewhere in public. “Fortunately guys, we don't have cell phones with push buttons anymore,” Danae Barca said at first. In conversation with her colleagues.

“Don't look, let the old man go. And finally what is infidelity? Practical or emotional and intellectual infidelity? A big issue. In general, when we don't want to be somewhere, don't be. Now you have to be and do everything else.” .. Difficult, ugly. “First of all, it belittles us, and it does not diminish others,” Pam Danae, the presenter, added.

“Also tell me, there is a man from my past who is somewhere else and is still messaging me, am I going to publicly expose this man and embarrass his girlfriend? A person only “rebuilds” his life if he is in a relationship or only if he finds the next relationship or the next. Danae concluded “Rebuilding my life is doing what feels good on my own terms,” Barca said.

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