October 4, 2023

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Fire at parts factory and Toyota halt production

Fire at parts factory and Toyota halt production

A massive disaster has occurred at the parts plant that supplies vital spare parts to the Japanese automaker’s production unit.

Production of two previously popular models has been suspended Toyota In the Czech Republic because from the fire that broke out in company factory which it supplies to the Japanese auto industry separate piece.

In particular, the fire occurred at the company’s factory Novares Which is located in the Czech city of Zebrak and takes care of it Supplying critical plastic components Whether at Toyota or other auto manufacturers.

The fire broke out august 14, Causing Severe damages amounting to 75 million euros. Firefighters tried to over 50 hours At this point, without succeeding in preventing the destruction of spare parts production and storage facilities.

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A Toyota spokesperson confirmed to Reuters that the brand had to stop producing its models Ego X And Yaris– at its factory in the town of Kolin, about 60 km east of Prague, while adding that he did not know how long this would take. Production stopped.

It is worth noting that despite the halt in production, the workers will continue to receive their salaries, as Toyota decided to assign them various tasks, while also launching training programs.

Toyota plant in Kolin

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Production halted at Toyota’s Kolin plant second this year. In this unit is produced approx 1000 cars per day While in the whole of 2022, 202,255 cars crossed the assembly line, an increase of 35% compared to 2021.

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After news of a fire at the Novaris facility in the Czech Republic, questions were raised whether the Czech Skoda would also be affected. But the representative of the company He explained that Novaris does not work with Skoda The latter will therefore continue to be produced as normal.

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