June 13, 2024

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Fire: Battle with explosions in Evros

Fire: Battle with explosions in Evros

Faced with explosions Euro Firefighters dominate the Titanic battle fire Before the wind changes Later today in the south, fire fronts are raging in other parts of Greece at the same time.

Overall, fire brigades They are dealing with 87 fires across the state44 new forest fires broke out in the last twenty-four hours, most of which, according to fire department reports, were tackled promptly in their initial stages.

In BarnitaThey attempt strong forces and encounter scattered small fires, mainly on its south-west side, near Clan Castle.

In EvrosOutbreaks are being dealt with in Lefkimmi, Trees Vriesus, Leptocaria and Cotronia, while a new message indicating the situation 112 for Discharge of the area Cotronia to Giannoulis.

Assistance in fire fighting is provided by the forces European Civil Protection Mechanism And especially Cyprus One aircraft operating in Alexandroupoli and 31 firefighters operating in Lycomagoula Evros, Germany Two flights operate over the vast area of ​​Philae in Attica France Two flights operate over the wider area of ​​Alexandroupolis Republic of Che A helicopter is deployed in Distomo in Boeotia and 30 firefighters with 6 vehicles in Kotronia Evros. Romania Kirki Alexandroupolis operates 10 vehicles with 53 firefighters Bulgaria Leptocaria Evros employs 36 firefighters and five vehicles Slovakia With eight vehicles operating in Lefkimmi Alexandroupolis and 39 firefighters, The Serbia Four vehicles with 16 firefighters operate in Babicchio Comodini.

And by intergovernmental agreement Albania Five vehicles with 46 firemen are operating in Thadiya forest.

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Also, assistance is provided by water tankers and machinery from the forces and regions provided by numerous volunteer firefighters, national security and general staff of the Hellenic Police.

The fire department also mentioned that local investigation offices and units of the Directorate of Serious Crimes (DAEE) are investigating the cause of the fire.

High fire risk tomorrow (30/08).

Tomorrow, Wednesday 30/08/2023 Fire risk is high In many parts of the country.

While aerial surveillance patrols continue, fire, police and army patrols are on general alert to deal with the increased service demands caused by the high number of fires, while personnel of the area’s fire services are on general alert. forces.

Finally, the fire brigade calls on all citizens to be especially careful and to faithfully follow the instructions of competent authorities for their own safety in the event of a fire.

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