April 18, 2024

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Fire in Psachna Evia – situation at the fire fronts

Fire in Psachna Evia – situation at the fire fronts

A fire also broke out at Psachna in Evia, where a shepherd lost his life, while fire brigades were working to extinguish the blaze in both Alexandroupoli and Boeotia.

The Psachna fire happened in the area of ​​the meadow in the Prophet Elias area, while Due to strong winds the situation becomes more difficult. It is worth recalling that the danger of fire is high in many areas today.

The flames are burning at a short distance from Psachna, while 42 firefighters in pedestrian units and two teams of 15 vehicles rushed there. From the air, water drops are carried out by three planes and two helicopters.

Fire in Boeotia: the forces are reinforced, a shepherd dies

In Vaiodia, an elderly shepherd died in a fire in Prodromos.

After the fire in Boeotia, the shepherd – about 80 years old – He left for his sheepfold to save his cattle. The fire department was informed by a woman who found the old man dead in his goat shed where the fire had not reached. However, heavy smoke was seen in the area and it is estimated that the shepherd may have died due to it.

Security forces have been strengthened in the area and are engaged in extinguishing the fire 74 firefighters Six groups of infantry units and 19 vehicles, while they support from the air Two helicopters.

«The fire front is very large and has strong winds. We are trying with difficulty to control it,” Thebes Mayor Giorgos Anastasio told APE earlier.

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“Currently the front is less than 1,000 meters from the houses, but the winds are particularly strong. It is very difficult because the strong winds do not allow planes to fly,” he added.

For the fire already at Boeotia Two messages have been sent from 112. The first called on Prodromos residents to be vigilant and the second on beaches to evacuate. Also, according to information from ERT, one camp was evacuated.

Fires in Alexandroupolis: Flames threaten Thadiya forest

The fire in Alexandroupoli is currently threatening the Tadiya Forest, which was hit by a major fire last year that burned more than 20,000 acres.

The fire is spreading in the village of Lykofi, near the observatory for wild birds, where firefighters temporarily halted the fire’s progress, Dimitris Petrovich, deputy governor of Evros, told APE.

However, the forests are threatened by strong winds that occasionally reach 8-9 Beaufort.

«The situation is tough and the fire brigade is struggling. Currently there are fronts in the village of Nipsa, which is the largest, in the villages of Torisco and Monastiraki, another in Ferez, the village of Cavisos near Egnatia and in Lykofi Soflio”, said Mr. Petrovich.

“This time The center of Alexandroupoli is covered in snow And residents have received a notification from the health directorate to close doors and windows,” he added, adding that Egnatia Street has been opened for vehicles going in and out of the border.

“Air and ground forces continue to be reinforced, but their efforts continue to be broken as fresh fire breaks out and are airlifted to other locations,” the deputy governor asserted. The reeds and harvested corn act as “fuel” for the rapid spread of the fire.

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They are engaged in arson in Alexandroupolis 214 firefighters 11 groups of infantry divisions and 59 vehicles, while operating from the air 10 airplanes and seven helicopters.