July 22, 2024

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Fire in Rhodes: Bringing in a Person for Potential Engagement

Fire in Rhodes: Bringing in a Person for Potential Engagement

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A man has been brought in to investigate his involvement in a major fire in Rhodes, reports said on Saturday night. In fact, the “Rodiagi” had informed that the said person was in Apollona village and that he had been brought after the statements and testimonies of the volunteers.

However, a fire department spokesperson said, Vasilis VatragogiannisOn Sunday (23/07), Rhodes denied that a suspect had been brought to the fire, which has been burning out of control for a sixth day.

In particular, in his related statements to OPEN, the press representative of the fire service said that “no arrests or arrests have been made” and that “all testimonies are being investigated” because members of volunteer groups in Rhodes are talking about people who drive motorcycles with petrol.

Actually, Mr. Vatragogiannis said: “All the evidence is being gathered, so if an allegation is made, all the facts will be in our hands.” It is important to note that as of Saturday night (22/07), a team from the Fire Department’s Criminal and Arson Investigation Unit remains in Rhodes to determine the cause of the fire.

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