July 22, 2024

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First time in Greece since 70: Scheduled helicopter flights from Hopper

First time in Greece since 70: Scheduled helicopter flights from Hopper

For the first time since the 1970s and the short SA321F service offered by then Olympic Airlines, Hoper began offering scheduled helicopter flights, initially between Athens and 10 islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini, Mykonos, Antiparos, Ios, Kea, Patmos and Sifnos. Spetses, Tinos and Folegandros.

The new option in air transportation provides fast, comfortable and safe travel to and from Aegean islands, especially those without an airport.

The official presentation of the company was made by the founding team led by Hoper CEO and former MarineTraffic CEO Dimitris Memo, Plaisio CEO Kostas Gerardos, Saronic Ferries Partner George Papaioannidis and BORN together with CEO Matilda Natan, presenting the innovation and benefits that this company brings New to the transportation and tourism sector.

In her greeting via a recorded message, Minister of Tourism Olga Kefalogianni stressed the importance of this innovation for the country and the necessity of cooperation between the public and private sectors.

For her part, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Christina Alexopoulou, stressed the importance of the Hope Innovation for the country’s transport and tourism sector and stated that it opens new possibilities and provides speed and flexibility to transport movement. Citizens and tourists. The government supports such initiatives that enhance competitiveness and improve infrastructure.

Secretary General of Transport, Ioannis Shivaras, noted the positive impact of the Hopper on Greek tourism and the need for stricter rules on movement. He stressed that this service will be licensed soon, and that such innovative applications will be supported by the government to promote the islands and tourism.

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Finally, Secretary General for Aegean and Islands Policy, Manolis Kotulakis, stressed that it is hoped that it will improve the experience of tourists and enhance the image of Greece as a leading tourist destination. He noted that such innovations will help increase the number of visitors to lesser-known but equally beautiful destinations, and will be supported by the ministry to promote isolation for 12 months.

The company and its prospects

Hoper was created through the recent acquisition of a former helicopter operator, however, well-known businessman, Kostas Gerardos, has recently joined the company, expanding his business beyond the retail sector and Plaisio, where he holds the position of Managing Director. . It is reported that the company’s capital amounts to 3 million euros.
Hooper will operate daily scheduled flights with three Robinson R44s and two Robinson R66s to popular island destinations in Greece.

In particular, it offers helicopter tours for up to 4 people, currently serving Athens as well as 10 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea: Santorini, Mykonos, Antiparos, Ios, Kea, Patmos, Sifnos, Spetses, Tinos and Folegandros.

Hoper promises transportation to the chosen destination with a journey time ranging from 8 minutes (for example, Tinos – Mykonos) to 48 minutes (for example, Athens – Antiparos). Customers can book one-way or round-trip single seats from flyhoper.com.

Fares start at €156 one way, with an average price of €350. Hoper plans to add new destinations on both the island and the mainland starting in the fall of 2024. As part of its operations, Hoper works with local municipalities to upgrade existing helipads at the destinations it serves, thus ensuring safety and passenger comfort.

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The company’s prospects are promising, as Mr. Memo pointed out, if we take into account the dynamics of tourism in our country and the increasing demand recently recorded by private flights throughout Europe. He stressed that Hooper aspires to change the way citizens and tourists move between popular destinations in Greece. “We want to share the experience of traveling by helicopter with more people. With Hoper, we turn hours into minutes, and travelers gain up to a full day of vacation. It is a new and unique travel experience that makes the beauty of Greece even more accessible,” he noted. .

For his part, Costas Gerardos said that Hopper was founded with the aim of providing a new dimension to air travel, making it faster, more flexible and more comfortable. The service will fill an important need, as it will connect popular destinations in a way that was not possible before.” As he explained, a category of people has been created, who choose to travel by private flight, by helicopter or plane, instead of choosing a flight on the line, so this enjoys The market in particular has great growth prospects.

Hoper, based in Athens, will operate daily throughout the year to meet the needs of local communities. The flights will operate from its base at Koropi in Athens, as well as from Mykonos and Santorini to other islands.