June 25, 2024

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Foolish Folly: Sabotage – Unfreeze Parliament’s assets

Foolish Folly: Sabotage – Unfreeze Parliament’s assets
George Samios, Foley Foley

George Samios, Foley Foley

There has been new unrest for some time now, as the Attorney General of the Supreme Court appealed to Parliament the decision to release her assets Crazy crazy.

Class defense lawyer Dr. n. Sakas And I. Kyriakopoulos Representing aggrieved investors – the victims of this unique timely fraud by investors, supervisory authorities, banks, stock exchange authorities and the state as a whole, moved quickly to avoid the possible eventual inability to compensate their directors and filed an application on October 6, Injunction No. 2023 ordering the Attorney General of the Supreme Court to file Appeal against the above-mentioned Parliament which illegally agreed to release mortgaged assets in favor of the state, as well as in favor of private investors in FOLLI.

The request was accepted and the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court exercised Resolution No. Decree No. 56/2023 abolishing the House of Representatives.

It is noteworthy that the trial of the defendants in the FOLLI case began on 06-23-19 and was postponed to 09-14-2023, when the statements in support of the class were resubmitted during the trial on 09-27-2023- 23 (all were accepted, except for Folli Follie S.A. )

The President of the Court, when she returned for a new ruling the pending case regarding the release of the property of Folli Follie SA, was informed, to the surprise of all of us, that the company would not resubmit it because No. 804/2023 was issued a will with ΄ of the Holidays Division of the Athens Appeal Board, issued on 2023 -09-12 (two days before this court adjourned on 09-23-14), according to which it was decided that she should be released in due course, i.e. pending trial before the three-member Athens Court of Criminal Appeal, making it the only body competent to rule on any requests. To release property, which adheres to the rulings of judicial authorities!

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