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Four arrested for factory accident – workers strike for 24 hours

Four arrested for factory accident – workers strike for 24 hours

Yesterday (29.5.2023) the Coast Guard arrested four persons after one person was killed and two others were seriously injured in a labor accident at a shipbuilding repair area in Perama. On the other hand, today (30.5.2023) the workers are going on 24-hour strike and mobilization.

As for the persons apprehended by the Coast Guard, it is approx Captain ship, Security Technician – Supervisor of Worker Health and Safety Activities, DThe crane operator’s employer And A representative of that business He was carrying out repair work at Perama.

A sad chronicle

This tragic accident took place in Perama yesterday during operations Extracting the fin from the repair vessel using a crane vehicle Ejected and separated from its transport hook, it then fell into a scaffold carrying four people Who does the work and the resultA 47-year-old crane operator was injured and a 47-year-old and a 43-year-old were also injured.

The 47-year-old operator of the crane was taken to hospital He was declared dead.

One of the injured is being treated at “ZANEIO” hospital and another at a private hospital.

Order for immediate investigation

Shipping and Island Policy Minister Theodoros Clearis was informed of the incident and ordered an immediate investigation into the causes and circumstances of the accident.

At the same time, he contacted the relatives of the deceased and expressed his warm and sincere condolence and regret over the incident, while wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

Strikes and demonstrations

Twenty four hours 08:00 a.m. Strike and assembly at central gate of Perama Repairs are being carried out today by workers at the shipyard in Perama following yesterday’s accident.

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The Union of Metalworkers of Attica and Workers of Greece’s Shipbuilding and Repair Industry speak out in its announcement. inadequate safety measures and unacceptable working conditions; Asking for her Intensification of controls Comply with health and safety measures.

In particular, the Ministry of Labor is demanding the mandatory notification of local contracts for shipbuilding and repair work to all companies and its application in all workplaces, strengthening control mechanisms.