October 4, 2023

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Fuel: “Rally” petrol price – €2/l in urban centers – Newsbomb – News

Fuel: “Rally” petrol price – €2/l in urban centers – Newsbomb – News

The average price of gasoline in the country reached 2 euros, while it is very likely, according to the estimates of the owners of gas stations, that it will exceed them in the coming days.

Really in the area and islands Unleaded price It moves within 2.5 euros.

the Average unleaded value On August 16, it reached 1,973 EUR/L, on August 15 it was 1,967 EUR/L, the day before it was 1,966 EUR/L, and on August 13 it was 1,962 EUR/L.

all this period On August 1st it had a starting price of €1,954/l.

the Petrol station owners Predict the price of gasoline in the coming days He will break records.

“If it continues like this, we will see in the next period in major urban centers that it exceeds 2 euros,” he said. says Giorgos Asmatoglou, Vice President of the Panhellenic Federation of Storekeepers and Merchants.

the Average fuel price In the Attica, at the moment, the unleaded simple at 1,937 €/l, the unleaded at 2,130 €/l and the diesel at 1,713 €/l.

same time, Traders claim they are absorbing the increases And they complain about the ceiling on their own profit.

“This is totally unfair and we strongly protest against applying the cap, because gas stations have a low profit margin.”says Themis Kurtzis, president of the Federation of Fuel Traders.

At 2.4 EUR/L on the islands

The euro barrier has already been broken for several weeks in island Greece.

For example, In Milos and Leros it reached 2,450 €/l, in Patmos 2,355 €/l, in Sifnos 2,305 €/l, in Andros 2,260 €/l.

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even bigger Anxiety is caused by fear The rise in fuel prices will lead to a decrease in the already high prices of foodstuffs and basic necessities. Causing huge holes in the family budget.

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