May 18, 2024

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Fully permanent Jarvis offices 15% off until March 21

Fully permanent Jarvis offices 15% off until March 21

If you work from home, but haven’t invested in a permanent office yet, you’re in luck. Currently, Fully is offering a promotion until March 21 that’s 15 percent off the price of many of its permanent home office desks. Jarvis bamboo covered standing desk, its most famous model and favorite with many employees here the edge, Currently discounted to $509.15compared to its usual starting price of $599.99.

completely Jarvis Whiteboard Standing Desk Price is also reduced to the same price of $509.15Replace your bamboo desktop with an erasable whiteboard for taking notes or just doodling. At the above prices, both models are 24 inches deep and 30 inches wide, and both can be adjusted as low as 30.1 inches or raised to just over 49 inches using the powered lift function.

If you’re planning to buy a whiteboard desk, just note that these are in late order and may be delayed in shipping.

JARVIS Bamboo Standing Desk

This popular standing desk quickly and quietly adjusts from 50″ high to low enough to sit on the floor.

Permanent whiteboard desk from Jarvis

This standing desk has the same footprint and features as the bamboo desk, but uses an erasable whiteboard as the top cover, making sure you always have a writing surface handy to jot down anything that comes to mind.

If you’re a budget guru, Fully has it cut down EcoTop (regular price $569.00) And the my mothernate standing desks (reg. pRice $549.00) Also, the initial price fell to $483.65 and $466.65, respectively. Both of these desks share the same footprint as the more expensive models, but as their name suggests, they use either laminate or recycled fibres for their top covers.

Full Jarvis Ecotop Standing Desk

As the name suggests, the EcoTop stationary desk uses a top surface made of 92 percent recycled or recovered medium-density fibreboard. The frame uses all the same materials found in the other fully permanent offices.

Jarvis Standing Desk Fully Polished

Fully’s most budget-friendly option uses laminated fibreboard for the top. The desk is one inch thick and is covered by the same five-year warranty that it uses for all of your desktop surfaces.

All models that are part of this promotion can be customized in a variety of layouts all subject to the same 15 percent discount, whether you’re in the market for a modest 24×30 desk or a massive 27×60 workstation. Unfortunately, accessories are not included. Extras such as powered loops and screen arms are included in this promotion, but are still eligible to be bundled with your order.

Desk looking a little naked? Check out these deals

This ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse combo from Microsoft is currently being discounted at Best Buy. This bundle usually costs $129.99 but it is Currently down to $89.99. These uniquely shaped accessories are designed to help reduce wrist fatigue. The Sculpt keyboard is a split layout keyboard with a separate number pad, and the mouse uses a vertical, circular form factor to be more human-friendly.

| Photo: Logitech

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard Set

The ergonomic keyboard features a contoured design with a detachable palm rest to fully support your hands and wrists. This bundle also comes with a standalone number pad and mouse to reduce wrist strain.

If you’re not interested in Microsoft designs, Logitech has a pair of simple peripherals for sale at Best Buy. The Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse and MX Keys Keyboard are purchased separately for $219.98. However, If you buy it as a bundle through Best Buy, you can bring it home for $209.98. It’s not a huge discount by any means, but it’s a deal worth considering, as none of these peripherals have had a price break recently.

The MX Keys keyboard can pair with Windows or Apple devices via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless, and it features Mac commands on its keys. The MX Master 3 is equipped with a number of easily accessible buttons and scroll wheels that can be reassigned to a variety of functions depending on which project you are working on. A freely rotating scroll wheel allows you to move through large pages with a single tap.

Logitech MX Master 3 and MX Keys Bundle

Logitech’s smart bundle of wireless MX accessories includes the MX Master 3 Mouse and MX Keys Keyboard. Both extensions feature a simple design and focus on productivity.

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